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There’s a few different ways to get my help in growing your sales, revenue, and profit: Coaching, training, and consulting. The options below tell you what to expect in terms of cost and support. For any questions, feel free to email me:

SFC Personal: text-only coaching

– Text only

– 5 Days per week

– Unlimited personal support 

– Your own personal thread in the SalesFlowCoach app

– Get a sales coach in your pocket

– The insurance of knowing you’re never truly alone

– Perfect for: Solo traders and founders who want always-on support on their pipeline and deals

– $99/mo subscription

Apply here for membership 


SFC Spot Coaching

– Includes SFC Personal text-based coaching

– Unlimited spot-coaching calls

– Book 15-minute calls right in my calendar when needed

– Each call includes homework that must be completed before the next call

– Perfect for: Founders who handle several deals concurrently and who need regular in-depth advice to move them forward

– $1000/mo subscription

Send me an email to set up a meeting

Unlimited 1 on 1 coaching

– 7 days per week, access for any support required

– As many calls and sessions as needed, no limits

– Call or text me any time and I’ll get back ASAP 

– Extra team sessions on request

– On-site visits included

– $100,000 per year, with a minimum commitment of 3 months

– Perfect for: Founders of >$5M/yr businesses in growth mode and with ambitious goals

– By invitation only

Consulting: Hidden Sales Levers

– Grow revenue by 30% or more without raising advertising or staffing cost

– Custom-built implementation programme

– Tried and proven system with decades of success stories

– Guarantees at least 20% revenue growth when the full programme is implemented (4 months runtime)

– Based on the fundamental pillars of growth: USP, Avatar, Problem-stack, Messaging

– Perfect for: SME’s at $100K/yr and up, with small team and product-market fit

– $2000 to $8000 per month depending on company size

Send me an email to schedule a no-cost Sales Levers Audit:

Training: Sales for Nice People

The teachings + SFC Personal

– 10 weeks of live, 1 on 1 training sessions

– Each session includes Q&A and deal coaching

– Personalised homework to help you develop your skills fast

– Discover a 100% ethical, integrity-based way to sell

– Learn how to make selling fun and an act of service

– Less haggling, less ghosting

– More sales, at higher prices

– Perfect for: Founders and solo traders whose business works, and who want to improve their selling skills

– $1500 one-off for 10 weeks training

More information and application here

Speaking & workshops

Highly engaging, impactful live sessions 

– Sales for Nice People group training

– Live coaching sessions

– Panel discussions

– Workshops

– Topics: Ethical selling & marketing, productivity, mindset, leadership, communication

– Price upon inquiry. Email to:


2-Minute Thoughts

5 Core points you *have* to get right, if you want your business to grow

Want more sales? Then stop having so many conversations!

Build rapport? Lead with values…

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