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Have you ever wondered why nice people often struggle the most, when it comes to marketing and especially selling?

Solution: don’t let your values stand in your way of landing the client. Instead, let your values lead you. Seek out those who have similar values, and everything will get easier. 

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With all the work you do, and time you invest, are you aware of how many assets you’ve built over time?

And, what if you would leverage those assets?

And, because 

 is the condensed, purified, best of all that I could learn about communication, 

So, you might not 

Novelty, trends, insights, mental model for quick and cost-free experimentation

How to model

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Set expectation

Here are the Next 10 Emails You'll Receive

First this, then that, so that


We’re going to use empathy to answer the question, “Who exactly is your perfect buyer – and: what would motivate them to buy from you, right now?


You’ll learn how to design a mode of communication and interaction that makes the buyer feel comfortable, appreciated, respected and at ease, and eager to engage in the conversation.


I’ll give you the mental models and communication techniques that enable you to acquire clients, over and over again, for as long as you’re in business.

These are the ten emails you'll receive

  1. Make it fun
  2. Diagnose before prescription
  3. Don’t close the sale – do this instead
  4. Invite, don’t close – and lead with no
  5. Never decide for the buyer
  6. Prevent the sale
  7. Never sell without permission
  8. Question the yes
  9. Sell from the Heart
  10. Apply empathy and generosity

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