Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Results & Praise

Martin has helped our company to completely change our perspective on “sales”. 

We are an organization full of technicians who have typically felt uncomfortable with “hustling” for business.

Through two four-hour workshops, Martin helped us to see a new approach to sales through playing to our strengths as facilitators and natural relationship builders.

We did this both by helping us to adopt new ideas and expunge old ones.

We now find ourselves far more energized and ready, to create those connections and those sales.

~ Nick Geoghegan – Strategy Director @ eatbigfish

I was telling myself a false story about me as a professional. I convinced myself that I was good at service, good at advice, but rubbish at sales. Worse than that, I believed that effective selling was an affront to my values and in direct contradiction to my personality. I couldn’t sell without selling my soul. 

Martin has changed all that. What I perceived to be weaknesses in a sales context – preferring to listen rather than talk, a service mentality, a long term perspective – turn out to be strengths for ethical selling. Ethical selling is about stewardship. Done well, it’s another opportunity to provide great client service. 

Martin’s coaching has changed my story. I now have a platform for enjoyable, mutually beneficial conversations with potential clients. The way to get better at selling is to become more skilled at being bought.

~ Phil Adams, I Know Some People Ltd.

Martin’s Sales for Nice People training is fantastic.

It transformed how I approach my whole sales process as a coach and consultant with my Family Business clients, meaning very complex sales have become easier for me to handle.

In the past I would spend time having coffees and trying to trickle things into my sales pipeline, never really understanding how best to fill and maintain my pipeline.

These days I have no more endless coffees, I win more clients and more easily.

And, I win them at a higher price and even have clients on a waiting list, and I get more referrals too.

I fully endorse Martin’s sales programme for anyone serious about investing in winning more clients.

~ Mairi Mickel, Family Business Succession Expert

The value you get from working with Martin is beyond what I can put in words.

He is unique among business coaches: equally informed as an ex-monk, empath, and humanist, as well as an expert salesman.

His teachings resonate equally in my business and my personal life. Martin coached me to create and run system for my design and engineering studio.

Before, our monthly sales were weak and fluctuating.

After, within weeks, we achieved stable six-figure annualized income, plus a waitlist, with no stress and no hard-sell tactics. Now, we are working on how to handle excess business!

~ Mehmet Baytaş

Just being on your programme gives me piece of mind and overall reduces stress.

For example, I’ve just come back from a conference and have a mountain of opportunities.

Usually, I’d feel overwhelmed and end up wasting them all.

But now, I just feel so calm, because I know I can rely on you to help with advice. And I’ll be in touch soon over the platform 🙂

~ Mitko Dimitrov

Martin helped our co-working space get to full occupancy and $25.000 monthly revenue in less than a year.

~ Antonio Herrezuelo

Avenida Capital &

Martin Stellar has transformed my business.

He’s a facilitator of change, and he works magic. 

Using wit and incredible insight, Martin helped me figure out who I am, where I wanted to go in life and how to get there.

These sessions, having Martin at my back, have proven to be the best investment I’ve ever made.

~ Paula Telizyn

Martin’s ability to listen thoroughly to what my vision for this project was and then to translate my thinking into design and content suggestions was invaluable. 

It was a pleasure working with an expert in strategy and design. 

I knew from the first conversation that he cared about the outcome I care about (serving my customers) and that he was committed to helping me help them. 

I learned a lot from Martin, beyond the scope of the project! 

Thank you Martin – you are great at what you do and I am very happy with the end result of our project together.

~ Chad Gibson

I want to leave my testimony about the fantastic professional help I’ve had from Martin Stellar. A year and a half ago I was in a very delicate moment of my personal and professional life and I needed to take control of my life again. 

Maybe it was by chance that I met him, but I have the feeling that from that moment all my decisions, some of them surprising, time is showing that they have been the most suitable …

I opened myself to him and everything began to flow … since in fact he has been much more than a professional coach. He challenged me to write a book with some of my experiences (and I will never thank him enough); it guided my walk for the revitalization of my company; it gave me peace and good sense for the management of delicate personal matters; and it has helped me to design the tomorrow that I want … Too many things that without his help I would not have been produced or would have handled them much worse. And I also have the feeling that I wish I had known him some years before …

Therefore, if you are wondering if Martin’s help could be useful … I would say: Learn from my testimony. I know you will not regret it!

I’ve had fantastic professional help from Martin – and in fact he’s been much more than just a professional coach. He guided me in revitalising my company, helped me with delicate personal issue, and enabled me to design the tomorrow that I want. I can’t thank him enough.

~ Juan-Carlos Garcia de los Reyes

I’d reached a stage where I was stuck in my business – doing quite well but unclear about the best way to take it to the next level.

I knew that doing that was partly about marketing and partly about mindset and habits. 

It therefore wasn’t easy to find the right guide but Martin was more than a coach for me. 

He understood my business well enough to be a valued adviser and understood me well enough so that he help me change the way I think and act to help me get better results more easily. 

As a result, my business is not only in a better place, I’m enjoying it more.

~ Robert Greenshields

Martin Stellar’s coaching was the compass I needed to guide me in my career and life.

I showed up as an eager yet somewhat jaded artist/entrepreneur and not only did he help revive my career, he realigned me, on so many levels, with purpose.

His no-nonsense way of coaching inspired me to be the best version of me, which affects everything I do.

I am eternally grateful to be a student of Martins’, to receive the gifts from his expertise, coaching and wisdom.  

He is a great facilitator of creating change within and throughout.

~ Robbie Kaye

A great coach that comes to mind for me is one of my new favorites, “the Monk for Entrepreneurs” named Martin Stellar. 

I had an amazing session with him last month and he’s my favorite monk in the world. 

Tell him I said that; he will be surprised that I wrote about him.

~ Maria Brophy

I’ve just sold two paintings out of four direct to my mailing list. Your advice is awesome! 

~ Amy Jobes

I so look forward to these weekly calls, Martin.

They’re so very helpful.

You’re our secret weapon.

~ Richard Hall

Martin is a great business coach and mentor. 

I highly recommend any freelancer or small business owner to invest in getting a slice of Martin’s time.

~ Inge de Bleecker

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