Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Get the important things done,
and have the certainty that you're
working on those things that
truly move your business forward

End procrastination, work on the things that REALLY matter, and get the help that enables you to get them done.

If you take stock of your hours, days, and weeks: how much time do you spend on the tasks that REALLY matter? The truly important ones?

You know, the things that really make a difference in your business – the activities that create growth, cause sales, and increase revenue?

How well are you able
to execute on those tasks
that matter most for your bottom line?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably spend far less time on those than you want to. Much less than what your business needs.

Instead, your days disappear in an endless stream of ‘taking care of business’. 

Keeping the shop running, shipping products, showing up for your sessions, replying to emails, doing paperwork, creating deliverables…

In other words: you’re working in your business, but not enough on your business.

Hey, don’t feel bad:

Dirty little secret: Nearly all entrepreneurs struggle with procrastination and effective goal setting

It’s just a fact of life: there’s always something urgent to do, and it’s always easier to do that thing, instead of doing those things that are important.

But it’s the things that are important-but-not-urgent that ultimately create the most dramatic growth in your business.

The more you focus on the important, non-urgent work, the faster your business will grow, and the more enjoyable it will be for you.

But how do you plan to really grow your coaching or consulting practice, if you never get around to doing the work – building the things your business needs – that allow for that growth to happen?

Clearly, something’s got to give.

The good news is that the solution can be quite easy. In many cases, the missing ingredient is clarity.

Clarity as to what most needs to be done, and in which order, and at what workload.In other words:

Making sure that you execute on the tasks that drive growth isn’t a matter of grit or discipline.

Instead, consistent growth-driving action is the result of carefully choosing what to work on, and what to avoid at all cost.

And that’s where we often fall short, because it’s just so very easy to occupy ourselves with busiwork.

Business growth is the result of prioritising
those activities that have the biggest impact
on your sales and your bottom line

And that time for goalsetting, and strategically choosing the actions that matter most?

That comes every week, when we talk on Zoom and take a close look at what matters most.

You get a super focused session, where we discuss your results of your past week, and figure out what your optimal tasks are for the next week. 

Strategy, baby. 

But there's more​

In this Business Growth Coaching programme, you also get ongoing email support from me by email.

Whether you’re stuck on a task or you want feedback on a client email you’re about to send, or you need some help tuning a blog post or outreach message: 

I’ll be there to help.

And yes, there's more:​

Once a month, we also meet for an hour, to take our time and dive deeper into your goals and the obstacles you want to tackle.

In other words: a coaching conversation where we have the space to go beyond the strictly action-oriented.

With most of my clients, coaching consists of 2-hour weekly in-depth sessions, to really dive deep, because it’s super effective to do deep inner work, alongside the practical strategy&productivity matters. 

But that also creates a problem: I meet quite a few people who want to work with me, but because such an intense coaching programme requires a considerable investment, it’s not always attainable.

And that just never sat right with me.

So today, I’m offering you a simple, yet very effective strategic accountability coaching programme.

It’s highly action-oriented, it requires that you bring your A-game and actually do the work – but it’s affordable and it works.


“It’s very helpful – it’s necessary. Even when you’re very disciplined, it’s very hard to organise yourself, to understand where to begin.

“The weekly meetings, the quick email communication, the monthly one-hour meeting to brainstorm – those elements are great”

~ Johan Versteegh

Paula Mould

“Martin Stellar works magic. He’s a facilitator of change. Using wit and incredible insight, Martin helped me figure out who I am, where I wanted to go in life and how to get there.”

~ Paula Mould
Paula Mould Online

About Martin

"I help nice people sell more"

Martin is a coach and consultant for ethical business growth, recognised by business leaders across the globe as the #1 authority on ethical selling.

An ex-monk and former copywriter, he works with purpose-driven coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs – people who are committed to doing good, impactful work – so that they earn more money, reach more people, and enjoy a fun and lucrative business.

To him, being in business is an art and an act of service – and his unique values-first approach enables ‘good-egg entrepreneurs’ – people who operate with integrity and ethics – to grow their business and still sleep at night.

He lives in Spain with a cat named Funky, a few guitars, a big smile, and an iPad on which he draws illustrations and cartoons.

In this programme, you get:​

Bring your goals, your projects, your plans and questions – and let’s dive deep. Once a month, you get the full coaching experience so that we can align your mindset and attitude with the goals you’re working towards.

I help you figure out where you efforts will create the most leverage, and help you decide tasks for the week. That way you’ll have tasks that move your business and sales forward – and tasks that you know you’ll be able to complete.

It’s not just during the calls that you can call on me – I’ll be here to answer questions on the fly, with tune-ups to your actions and plans and the opportunities that show up as you move forward. And, rather useful: because of my background in copywriting, I can help you tweak and optimise the emails and other messages you use to generate business. 


This service comes at a monthly non-refundable subscription of $350

There is no contract, so you can cancel your subscription at any moment.

What else?

You get a committed coach who uses his 25 years of psychology and 10+ years of sales and business expertise, to keep you moving on the important work.

In other words: you get a businessgrowth & strategy expert on your team, to help you increase revenue as strategically and as rapidly as we can.

Strategic Accountability Coaching:

For people who take their business and their bottom line seriously

It’s time to leave procrastination behind, and work on the things that REALLY matter.

I’ll be there to help make sure you get them done.

The result:

Heroic productivity, and a business that grows faster, with more fun, and more ease

Structure of the monthly programme:

$350/month non-refundable subscription
Cancel any time

I help nice people sell more

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