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Sales, for Nice People

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You've invested for years in building relationships and positioning yourself: now it's time to reap the rewards and turn your hidden opportunities into more sales and revenue

Everybody has assets, and everybody has relationships that can lead to opportunities and sales. 

But most of the time, we fail to duly leverage all the opportunities we have available to us, causing us to keep going back to trying to attract more people, only to find that those people are as hard to convert as the people we’ve already talked to. 

The reason this happens?

A lack of definition and precision in terms of who we should engage with, and how to communicate with them in a way that makes the go “How do we get started?”

The solution? 

Getting clear on your USP, your Avatar, their problem-stack, and the messaging that works for your ideal buyer

That’s what enables more sales. 

When you know with precision what to say, to which people, and for which reason those people should buy from you and not someone else, that’s when you see your revenue go up. 

Then for a limited time, you can access a 60-minute, in-depth analysis of your past & current clients, where you get an instant tune-up of your USP, Avatar, Problem-stack, and Messaging, at a temporary pilot-price. 

Sessions like these normally go for far more, but for the time being you can schedule your HSL Sales Breakthrough session for only $295. 

After checkout, you’ll receive an email with instructions to prepare for your session, as well as a link where you can directly book time in my calendar. 

If you:

Then one HSL Sales Breakthrough Session will make a massive difference, and be the reason you have more opportunities, conversations, sales and money.

You'll get:

And, very importantly: You’ll also receive instructions and messaging designed to generate referrals, but without any of the neediness or awkwardness that is so common, but instead you’ll be able to have conversations that turn your happy buyers into active referrers – and, they’ll know precisely which type of people to introduce you to.

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How it works

Checkout & prepare

The email you receive after checkout contains specific instructions to help you prepare for the session. 

You’ll get a schedule link of course, but you’ll also be asked to prepare a few things prior to your session. 

Make sure you take some time for that, because the more complete your preparation, the deeper we’ll be able to dive. 

Sales Breakthrough Session

For a full hour, Martin will analyse your client list with you, and apply his 3+ decades of studying psychology, human nature, business & sales. 

You’ll discover facets of your business, your buyers and your opportunities you weren’t aware of, and you’ll dramatically increase the number of opportunities and sales that are available to you. 

You’ll walk away with hyper-specific targeting and messaging, ready to increase your sales, and your pricing as well. 

Engage and enroll more buyers

With your newly-defined USP, Avatar, Problem-stack and Messaging, you’ll be able to generate interest and opportunities both from existing clients, as well as new leads. 

You’ll see improvements in your communication, your lead generation, your referrals and your sales, all from taking a moment to really dive deep on the question “Who are these people, and why should the buy from us?”

Limited time-offer

Because the Hidden Sales Levers system is in launch mode, we’re making the Breakthrough Sessions available at an introduction price of $295. This will go up over time, and availability is limited. 

Hidden Sales Levers Breakthrough Session


About Martin "I help nice people sell more" Stellar

Martin is a coach and consultant for ethical selling & business growth, recognised by business leaders across the globe as the #1 authority on ethical selling.

An ex-monk and former copywriter, he works with purpose-driven coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs – people who are committed to doing good, impactful work – so that they earn more money, reach more people, and enjoy a fun and lucrative business.

To him, being in business is an art and an act of service – and his unique values-first approach enables ‘good-egg entrepreneurs’ – people who operate with integrity and ethics – to grow their business and still sleep at night.

He lives in Spain with a cat named Funky, a few guitars, a big smile, and an iPad on which he draws illustrations and cartoons. 

I fully endorse Martin's sales programme for anyone serious about investing in winning more clients

It transformed how I approach my whole sales process as a coach and consultant with my Family Business clients, meaning very complex sales have become easier for me to handle.

In the past I would spend time having coffees and trying to trickle things into my sales pipeline, never really understanding how best to fill and maintain my pipeline.

These days I have no more endless coffees, I win more clients and more easily.

And, I win them at a higher price and even have clients on a waiting list, and I get more referrals too.

~ Mairi Mickel, Family Business Succession Expert

Hi, I'm Martin!

It might be odd, coming from an ex-monk, but: I love business, entrepreneurship, and all things marketing & sales.

Especially given how much impact a savvy and ethical entrepreneur can have on society and individuals – and even more so if the coach, consultant, or entrepreneur aims to go against established norms and is bent on disrupting the broken status quo.

This is why my mission is to equip everyone with a good heart and a valuable offer with the tools, training and mindset that enables you to have an impact for the better.

2-Minute Thoughts

5 Core points you *have* to get right, if you want your business to grow

Want more sales? Then stop having so many conversations!

Build rapport? Lead with values…

Limited time-offer

Hidden Sales Levers Breakthrough Session


This is an introduction price and it will go up. Availability is limited. 

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I help nice people sell more

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