Sales, for nice people

Ethical selling for business owners who'd prefer selling wasn't part of business...

...but who know they can’t avoid it if they’re going to serve their people and make a profit doing it.

Discover the integrity-based sales methodology that only an ex-monk could create, and learn to sell while staying 100% true to your values...

...yet sell more, more easily, and at higher prices than ever before

So you're a good egg, you love your customers... you just wish that selling your work wasn't part of the job?

You’re not alone.

When values like integrity and truthfulness matter to you, the last thing you’ll want is to sacrifice your values on the altar of a thriving business.

And, you don’t have to – not if you let your values guide you.

If you recognise yourself in any of those, then you’ll find Sales for Nice People (aka the LEAP Framework for Ethical Selling) massively useful, and maybe even life-changing. 

Over the last 25 years, Martin has studied psychology, communication, persuasion, leadership, sales, ethics, and a lot more – and he’s turned everything he’s learned into a simple, actionable, 10-pillar framework for ethical selling.

It’s powerful & effective, enabling you to scale up your impact and revenue – and it’s especially for coaches, consultants and leaders who are on a mission to make a positive impact on society and the world with their business.

And as a former monk, he created this sales methodology in order to enable ethical people, those who care about others – people like you, who resent the pushy kind of selling we know all too well – to make selling something far more natural, and even fun. 

Wait... selling can be fun?​

Depends on how you treat it, but yeah sure – why not? An ethical sale is nothing more or less than having a quality conversation. You’re capable of giving people good conversation, right? 

Right. If you then also treat the process of enrollment as an act of service, where it’s your job to help your buyer make a decision, and you let your values guide you, then yes: Selling absolutely becomes fun.

See, the awkwardness that comes with selling is only there if we make it about ourselves – but if you make it about the other person, and you make their best choice (be it yes or no) your priority, selling becomes something natural, not awkward at all, and can in fact cause terrific conversations. 

And, yes: sales. 

We all want people to say: "How do I get more of this" or "Where do I pay", right?

Well, the Sales for Nice People training shows you a way of having conversations that get you that kind of result. 

I’ve literally had buyers tell me “Take my money!”, and you bet that’s fun. 

The live, 1 on 1 training programme detailed below shows you how to make that happen. 

Sales for Nice People teaches you how to:

Martin created this sales framework because it pains him to see so many good people, who are on a mission to have an impact, struggle to sell their work.

Especially because in many cases, it’s simply because we let our values prevent us from having the kind of sales conversations that create clients – in other words: the ‘good egg problem: the more integrity someone has, the harder it tends to become to enroll clients.

But all that changes once we allow our values to make the enrollment process easier and enjoyable for everyone.

Learn how to implement the perfect ethical selling method for converting more leads, at higher rates, while still being able to sleep at night

How it works

Get personal training

For 10 weeks straight, you’ll receive a 1 on 1 weekly personal 45-minute training.

I’ll guide you through the 10 pillars, give you personalised homework, and address any roadblocks that might come up for you as you go along. 

Each session also includes a Q&A section, where I coach you on the deals in your pipeline.

Use the button to check out, and proceed directly to scheduling your first session in my calendar.

Enroll buyers with ease

Of course you’ll see your sales results improve, and your conversion rates go up. 

But the effect doesn’t stop there: you’ll find that your perception on relationships and communication shifts, enabling you to get better results with people in all areas of your life. 

And yes, in your business and your bank account as well. 

Sell more & earn more

Once Sales for Nice People becomes how you engage with buyers, you’ll finally be able to sell more, and at the rates your work is worth. 

And not only that: getting your work in the hands of more buyers means that you’ll be able to create more of the change and impact that you’re in business for in the first place.

And you’ll be able to sell more and earn more without ever having to compromise on your values.


Hi, I'm Martin!

It might be odd, coming from an ex-monk, but: I love business, entrepreneurship, and all things marketing & sales.

Especially given how much impact a savvy and ethical entrepreneur can have on society and individuals – and even more so if the coach, consultant, or entrepreneur aims to go against established norms and is bent on disrupting the broken status quo.

This is why my mission is to equip everyone with a good heart and a valuable offer with the tools, training and mindset that enables you to have an impact for the better.

2-Minute Thoughts

5 Core points you *have* to get right, if you want your business to grow

Want more sales? Then stop having so many conversations!

Build rapport? Lead with values…

You're a good egg, you deliver quality work, and you deserve to earn well. And your buyers need you to be good at selling.

I help nice people sell more

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