Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical business growth

Grow your revenue 20% without spending a penny extra on advertising or staff...


"Wait... a 20% growth guarantee...
How is that possible?"


Martin uses a tried and proven marketing implementation system, which has created 20% revenue growth (in many case far more than that) across continents and industries for over 30 years. 

It’s called the LEAP Marketing system (stands for: Listen, Explain, Ask, Profit).

It’s built on the time-tested and proven marketing fundamentals developed by the eminent Jay Abraham, and it’s raised many many millions in revenue over the decades. 

If your business has the right assets in place and you have the right mindset, Martin will work your existing marketing assets, and leverage the hell out of them. 

The result: you will see your revenue grow by at least 20% – and that IS a guarantee.

Let's put your marketing assets to use, and strap a turbo on your business

"But what if it doesn't work... then what?"

Then Martin will continue working that system for you at no charge, until the guarantee is fulfilled. 

For him to make this promise however, your business does need to have the assets in place to leverage, so as to generate that result. 

That’s why step 1 in the process is an opportunity analysis, to discover whether or not that 20% growth is indeed attainable. 

Your investment for the guaranteed service implementation depends on the size of your operations, and generally runs between $3K and $10K per month.

The guarantee applies when all core 4 pillars of the system have been implemented. 

Should you decide to end before investing in the full, 4-month programme, the guarantee is void. 

The above applies to a done-for-you service, but there’s also a done-with-you solution, where Martin coaches you on how to implement all the steps in the system, with weekly 1-hour coaching sessions. 

(For the DWY option, the guarantee does not apply – but if you know how to learn and you’re able to spend time implementing the steps, you’re very likely to also reach that 20% growth. Martin will do whatever he can to make it happen.)

If 20% growth is worth that kind of investment to you, and you know you could gross more revenue but you’re not sure how or you’re too strapped for time to improve your marketing and sales, Martin can implement the system for you, with guaranteed results.

The first step is a 20-minute call on Zoom, where Martin will conduct an opportunity analysis, to assess which marketing assets you already have, ready to leverage.


Martin helped our co-working space get to full occupancy and $25.000 monthly revenue in less than a year.

~ Antonio Herrezuelo,
Avenida Capital

Martin helped me take an idea for a business from idea to execution, allowing me to reach an international audience fast. 

With Martin’s expert advice and guidance, I was able to make a solid profit in my first year and increase it every single year afterwards.

~ Paula Mould
Paula Mould Online

I so look forward to these talks, Martin. 

You’re our secret weapon!

~ Richard Hall
Award-winning fine artist
ARC Living Master

About Martin

"I help nice people sell more"

Martin is a coach and consultant for ethical business growth, recognised by business leaders across the globe as the #1 authority on ethical selling.

An ex-monk and former copywriter, he works with purpose-driven coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs – people who are committed to doing good, impactful work – so that they earn more money, reach more people, and enjoy a fun and lucrative business.

To him, being in business is an art and an act of service, and his unique values-first approach enables ‘good-egg entrepreneurs’ – people who operate with integrity and ethics – to grow their business and still sleep at night.

He lives in Spain with a cat named Funky, a few guitars, a big smile, and an iPad on which he draws illustrations and cartoons.

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I help nice people sell more

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