Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

I help nice people sell more

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"I love my business and my clients...
I just wish I didn't have to 'sell' my work...!"

If that's how you feel about the selling side of being in business, I have something for you that might change that...

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Ever notice how the more integrity someone has, the more difficult it seems to become to enroll buyers?

Makes sense, for purpose-driven business owners:

We know that our work makes a difference and we love it when people buy – but we just will not go against our values.

And thus, we don’t enroll as many people as we could, and the impact of our work doesn’t reach its full potential.

I call it the ‘good-egg problem’: we want to do our work, but our values prevent us from actually getting the sales. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

That’s why I created a methodology for ethical, integrity-based selling:

To help purpose-driven entrepreneurs enroll buyers, without ever compromising on values. 

It’s the codified result of 25 years of learning psychology – 12 years in a monastery, and 13 years of being in business – and you can access the full, 10-week, 1 on 1 training on this page. 


Like many purpose-driven entrepreneurs, I too used to struggle with this ‘good egg-problem’: 

As an ex-monk, integrity and ethics are non-negotiable for me, so I had to find a way to grow my business without going against my values. 

This led to a business philosophy, and an approach to marketing and selling, based fully on values.

And where it comes to being a good person and wanting buyers, the simple ‘trick’ is in letting your values guide the enrollment process.

That’s what sets an ethical, purpose-driven business owner apart from all the others: ethics, values, empathy, and integrity – not just in how you do your work,  but in how you go about getting the work as well.

When you make your enrollment process revolve around the other person – when you turn the sales process itself into an act of service – not only will you be able to sleep at night, you’ll also see more people signing up for your work.

I spent many years developing this approach to business, and these days I coach and train ethical entrepreneurs on how to make selling, growing revenue and increasing impact a natural, fun, humane thing to do.

In the end, I decided to codify my method into the LEAP Ethical Selling Framework.

Is this you?

If you recognise yourself in any of those, then you’ll find the LEAP Framework for Ethical Selling massively useful. Maybe even life-changing. 

Over the last 25 years, I’ve studied psychology, communication, persuasion, leadership, sales, ethics, and a lot more – and I’ve turned everything I learned into a simple, actionable, 10-pillar framework for ethical selling.

It’s powerful & effective, enabling you to scale up your impact and revenue – and it’s especially for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and leaders who are on a mission to make a positive impact on society and the world with their business.

And as a former monk, I created this sales methodology in order to enable ethical people, those who care about others – people like you, who resent the pushy kind of selling we know all too well – to make selling something far more natural, and even fun.

Wait... selling can be fun?​

Depends on how you treat it, but yeah sure – why not?

If you treat the process of enrollment as an act of service, where it’s your job to help your buyer make a decision, and you let your values guide you? Absolutely.

See, the awkwardness that comes with selling is only there if we make it about ourselves. 

But if you make it about the other person, and you make their best choice (be it yes or no) your priority, selling becomes something natural, not awkward at all, and can in fact cause terrific conversations. 

After all, we all want people to say: "How do I get more of this" or "Where do I pay", right? ​

The LEAP Ethical Selling Framework shows you a way of having conversations that get you that kind of result, and the live, 1 on 1 training programme shows you how to make that happen. 

The LEAP Ethical Selling Framework teaches you how to:​

I created this sales framework because it pains me to see so many good people, on a mission to have an impact, struggle to sell their work.

Especially because in many cases, it’s simply because we let our values prevent us from having the kind of sales conversations that create clients – in other words: the ‘good egg paradox: the more integrity someone has, the harder it tends to become to enroll clients.

But all that changes once we allow our values to make the enrollment process easier and enjoyable for everyone.

Learn how to implement the perfect ethical selling method for converting more leads, at higher rates, while still being able to sleep at night

How it works

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After checkout, you’ll be redirected to a calendar page, where you can schedule your first training session. 

This initial session will be two hours, so that you get module one, and also for me to learn about your business goals, and your challenges with selling. 

That way, I’ll be able to customise your training and homework to your individual situation as we go forward.

Get personal training

For 10 weeks straight, you’ll receive a 1 on 1 weekly personal 45-minute training session with me. 

I’ll guide you through the 10 pillars, give you personalised excercises, and address any roadblocks that might come up for you as you go along. 

Each session includes a Q&A section, so you’ll get all your questions answered.

And, you get unlimited email access, to help you make the most of the opportunities that show up.

Enroll buyers with ease

Of course you’ll see your sales results improve, and your conversion rates go up. 

But the effect doesn’t stop there: you’ll find that your perception on relationships and communication shifts, enabling you to get better results with people in all areas of your life. 

And yes, in your business as well.

Better results, more sales, more impact all round.

About Martin Stellar

"I help nice people sell more"

Martin is a coach and consultant for ethical selling & business growth, recognised by business leaders across the globe as the #1 authority on ethical selling.

An ex-monk and former copywriter, he works with purpose-driven coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs – people who are committed to doing good, impactful work – so that they earn more money, reach more people, and enjoy a fun and lucrative business.

To him, being in business is an art and an act of service – and his unique values-first approach enables ‘good-egg entrepreneurs’ – people who operate with integrity and ethics – to grow their business and still sleep at night.

He lives in Spain with a cat named Funky, a few guitars, a big smile, and an iPad on which he draws illustrations and cartoons.

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I help nice people sell more

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