Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

I help nice people sell more

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How to Sell More, With More Ease… And You Don’t Even Need to Know Kung Fu

You know that scene from The Matrix, where they upload kung fu into Neo’s brain, and he opens his eyes, and goes:

“I know kung fu!”, and then he proceeds to whoop Morpheus’ ass?

There’s a reason why that matters, for your business.

Because once you acquire a skill on a profoundly deep level, everything changes.

For example – and I can’t attest because I’m not very literate in terms of numbers – I have it on good authority that when you know mathematics, a ton of things in the world get easier and make more sense.

Or, what I can attest to: once you have the ability to write with precision, drafting an email or an article, or whipping someone’s draft into shape, becomes something you do as a matter of course.

As such, some skills function as a kind of meta-skill.

They enable and facilitate a type of ease and effortless mastery that translates into various areas in life, and in business as well.

No, you probably won’t improve your business results by learning kung fu, but you’ll sure as hell see more people buying your work, once you acquire the meta-skill of communication in a way that gets people to enrol in your ideas voluntarily.

Enter my proprietary LEAP Framework for Ethical Selling.

It’s an extremely powerful mental model for how you interact with people.

It changes the way you communicate, and the way you show up to conversations with buyers.

And everyone I’ve taught it to, has seen a dramatically positive effect in their results with buyers.

Discretion prohibits me from sharing details, but we’re talking about many thousands of Dollars worth of client contracts that my students have raised.

And, bonus: the sales process became a lot easier and more relaxed for them, and for their buyers as well.

Which is why I highly recommend you consider signing on as a student, because hey:

If you’re in business, you want buyers. Right?

Especially if you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur and you want your work to have an impact.

That impact will always be contingent on the the number of people you can serve with your work, which means you only get to make that impact, when people buy.

More buyers, more impact. Simple.

And, incidentally, that’s the impact I want to make:

To see as many ethical entrepreneurs as possible acquire the meta-skill of communicating in such a way that buyers sign themselves up.

And until January 1st, the training programme that installs the LEAP sales framework in your ethical little mind, is yours at $1500. After that, it goes up to $2800.

Here’s how it works:

👉 Each week, for ten weeks straight, you and I meet on Zoom for 45 minutes.

👉 You’ll be guided through the ten pillars of the system, and you’ll learn how each stacks on top of the other so as to

👉 You’ll learn how to ask questions that make your buyer feel safe, so that they develop trust

👉 You’ll learn how to gain permission for asking more and deeper questions, as well as permission to ask for the sale (because one should never sell without permission!)

👉 You’ll also learn how to get comfortable with hearing the dreaded ‘no’ – and in fact, you’ll discover how to get more people to say yes, by asking them to say no. Weird, but it works.

👉 You’ll discover how to make the sales process fun, and super-helpful for your buyers, because you’ll turn selling into an act of service.

👉 And, of course, you’ll acquire the mindset and mental model and communication & messaging skills that enable you to sell more, at higher prices, so that you get to have a bigger impact as well as earn the money your work is worth.

If that sounds good (and I can’t imagine who would say it doesn’t), then either go here to sign up before the price goes up, or reply to this email if you have any questions.


Do note: this is not one of those ‘ten steps to close a sale’ or ‘the #1 strategy to convince and persuade reluctant buyers’ or ‘always be closing’ BS kind of thing.

That stuff is so old-school, and in many cases, not exactly ethical, or indeed, nice.

Instead, this is a training that changes, in a very fundamental way, how you show up, listen, message, and communicate.

Kung fu for selling? Sure, I guess.

Anyway, here’s the link, in case you’re ready to turn 2021 into the year you exponentially increase your impact:

Helping good people sell more and generate a bigger impact



I help nice people sell more

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