“Is It Still Ethical to Sell at a Time Like This?”

Saw that question on Twitter the other day. And I get it. We’re all reeling to some degree or other, and don’t we have better things on our minds, besides business? Well yes, we do: Smile. Or do you have anything better to do? (Ok, that’s a bit snide, but I really really mean it: […]

It’s the Singer, Not the Song: Your Revenue Needs More Than Just a System

When I launched the IP to Profit system back in spring, for developing a new revenue centre out of your customer list, my coach said: “In such uncertain times, how do you know that a system will work?” Brought back memories of that Stones song: It’s the singer, not the song. Because he’s right. Not […]

He Not Busy Being Born…

I never got into Dylan, but I do know he’s an awesome poet – and I love me some good lyrics. Saw him quoted the other day – you may know it: “He not busy being born is busy dying”. And at times like these, that’s truer than ever. If right now you’re not reinventing […]

Eustress & Rising Tides

Yeah it’s a messy time, and yeah every business on earth is under stress… But while some are under threat and the stress threatens to crush them, others are under stress because suddenly, in this changed world, there’s so many opportunities – a type of stress called eustress. The restaurant that kept all their staff […]

How to Make it Easier to Pivot Your Business

The other day I was reminded of my old piano teacher from 40 years ago. Lovely old lady. Good teacher, too! Whenever I played a piece and made a mistake, my next step was always to start all the way at the beginning. But she wouldn’t have that: she always made me repeat the parts […]

Of Recipes and ‘Spaghetti-Thinking’

Oh sure, I get it: no system ever guarantees a perfect outcome – after all, a system can only get the result it’s built for. If the system isn’t perfect, neither should we expect the outcome to be. And so the feedback I got last week – that even my brand spanking new IP to […]

Solution-bias (Plus, a Solution For You)

Specifically, a solution in case you suddenly have a lot fewer sales than before, like so many people out there. Here’s the situation: Being human means being biased. It is literally impossible to be completely unbiased, because on an evolutionary level, we’ve always needed to make snap-assessments about the world around us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Make Lemon Merengue Pie

You get to choose your attitude at any given time. And when life gives you lemons… well, making lemonade is always good… Or wait! What about a lemon merengue pie!? Which isn’t as funny as you might think: Lemons into lemonade is a great attitude… But what opportunities would you see… what could you invent… […]

Now More Than Ever: Go To Where the Puck Will Be

Spoke with the owner of a transport company a while back, after Spain had come out of full lockdown. You know: the people who made sure we have food in shops, regardless of crisis or lockdowns or whatever happens. Pretty essential workers, but it’s an industry that’s under massive pressure. Regulations, middlemen, corruption, clients who […]

The Face, Not the Logo (Making a Case for Being Different)

There’s a thousand reasons why someone ought to buy your work. And, there’s dozens, hundreds or even thousands, of others who people could also buy from, and get an equally good solution to their problem. So when someone decides to buy from you, and not from another provider, why is that? Could be your credentials, […]