Timing, and How Not to Break the Sale

They might seem like a perfect client for you, and they might seem really keen on working with you. And yet, there’s indecisiveness. Vacillating, no decision. It’s a yes, but not a ‘hell yes’. Whenever you’re in a situation like that, be careful not to break the trust they’re building up. Yes you might know […]

Because Nice People Should Finish First

A while ago, a friend held my feet to the fire about my work, USP, and elevator pitch. To her, ‘coach and consultant for ethical business growth’ isn’t what I should run with. So I tried to explain: “You ever notice how people high in integrity, folks who really want to do right by people, […]

Wanting Something from People VS Wanting Something for People

Had a chat with an old friend – one of the guys who used to visit the monastery. He’s in business too these days, so it was fun to chat and compare notes. And once again, I had someone tell me “I don’t like selling”. “I don’t like that the moment you have something for […]

Why You Need Permission in Sales, and How to Get it

Selling without permission is coercion. You can’t morally or ethically have a sales conversation with someone who hasn’t given you permission for that type of conversation. And, selling without permission is ridiculously ineffective. You’ll have heard people talking about ‘handling objections’ – but, isn’t it better to not have any buyer objections at all? Then […]

Good Ideas? Volunteer Nothing

Good ideas abound, and they’re a dime a dozen. But unless someone accepts a good idea, it’s little use. And each day, we volunteer our good ideas to others. “This thing would really help you!” “Have you tried XYZ?” “Dude, you’re holding it wrong – that’s not how it works”. “Darling, maybe we should stop […]

How High-Integrity Entrepreneurs Make Followup Easy

What do you do when it looks like a sale is going to close… and then it doesn’t? Everything looks good, the other person is on board, they may even say yes… but then something goes wrong, and the buyer doesn’t buy. What I see happen far too often, is that people rich with integrity […]

“Is It Still Ethical to Sell at a Time Like This?”

Saw that question on Twitter the other day. And I get it. We’re all reeling to some degree or other, and don’t we have better things on our minds, besides business? Well yes, we do: Smile. Or do you have anything better to do? (Ok, that’s a bit snide, but I really really mean it: […]

A Lesson George Bernard Shaw Wants You to Learn

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw Ok, it’s presumptuous of me to speak for Mr. Shaw – but, whatever. I’ll take that liberty, because I’m sure he’d be happy if more people realised the wisdom of his words. Because yes, we often think […]

It’s the Singer, Not the Song: Your Revenue Needs More Than Just a System

When I launched the IP to Profit system back in spring, for developing a new revenue centre out of your customer list, my coach said: “In such uncertain times, how do you know that a system will work?” Brought back memories of that Stones song: It’s the singer, not the song. Because he’s right. Not […]

They Need You

Whether you’re a coach, a CEO, an artist or speaker or author or inventor or software develper: People need you. That’s why you get paid to show up and do your work. In other words, there’s demand for what you bring. And, it’s incumbent upon you (and every other professional) to supply and bring that […]