Act With Confidence: Let Me Show You How It's Done

Last night, Jimmy and I did a little test drive for this week’s upcoming call, during which I’ll answer questions from last week’s survey. I found it… difficult. Unnerving, actually. I mean, usually I’m not easily lost for words. But with a camera staring at me, it wasn’t quite the same. I felt self-conscious: aware […]

What's Love Got to Do With It? (Oh, the Things I Don't Know)

If you ask a biologist, love is a biochemical reaction that maintains species. A neurochemical process to do with hormones and instinct. If you ask a religious believer, he or she will tell you it’s God. Ask a philosopher and he’ll ponderously expound on themes such as existence, humanity, and truth. If you ask a […]

Alright, FINE. I'll start drawing

Many are the times that I’ve been told that I should start drawing. A few times in my life, I’ve tried. Most all of the time, what I created was pretty bad. Each time I’d draw a person, it would invariably look like it was made out of wood. And so, I’d stow away my […]

Do You Have Any Idea How Important You Are?

To me? You’re the world. Without you, I wouldn’t have any reason to do this work. Without people who create art, in whatever way, I’d still be stuck writing sales copy for people selling e-books about dog training and whatnot. “Hey Martin, we’re developing the ultimate Facebook killer! Can you write copy for us?” Sigh. […]

Lucky I Didn't Get Married, and Why Some Sales Just Aren't Right

Before this day is out, my oldest and best friend will be married. But I won’t be his best man. I won’t even be present. It’s not because he’s getting married to my ex-girlfriend. She and I split up years ago, and the flame has gone very out, long ago. It’s not because I wasn’t […]

Get Rid of Those Stinky Curtains Already

My friend the interior designer is going great guns. She launched her site, put on an optin form, started calling people. Next, she placed an ad somewhere online. Comes into my office, all excited: My ad is live! So I had a look. It started with the headline: Interior designer Next, it went: x years […]

Selling Time vs Selling Solutions + a Way to Sell More at Better Rates

Most of us creatives, we tend to make a fundamental mistake when deciding how to price our product or service. We tend to base our rates on the number of hours it takes us to do our work, multiplied by what should be our hourly rate. On the surface it might make sense, but there […]

The Mindset, the Strategies and the Attitudes That You Need If You Want to Make it

Alright, today’s the final, final day to register for LEAP 6 – the Bushido Issue. Meaning, the one that outlines the mindsets, attitudes and behaviours that will make you pretty much unbreakable in business. Which is why I liken this one to Bushido – the Japanese ‘way of the warrior’, as applied to your being […]

How to Woo Yourself and Seduce Your Mind Into Achieving More Success

Let’s say one day you fall in love, but the other person, sadly, just doesn’t notice you, doesn’t consider you a candidate. How would you go about ‘getting’ them? You could try to get them drunk, but that’s hardly a way to start a relationship. You could try to pull all kinds of dating and […]