Values –> Alignment –> Resonance –> Sale

Whenever someone buys something, there’s something that resonates with them. Somewhere in the mix of desired outcomes, emotions, trust and thought, there’s a ‘vibe’ that goes “Yeah. Want”. And if ever you came out of a conversation with a potential buyer and they didn’t buy, it means that there was some element of resonance missing. […]

The Advantage of Disadvantages – and How You Can Turn That Into Revenue

The late Dutch football coach Johan Cruyff had a way of creating his own aphorisms – some of which said little (“The ball is round”- Thanks Johan, we hadn’t noticed) but others were quite smart: “Every disadvantage has its advantage”. Now at this time, when literally every person and every business struggles with a major […]

“Is It Still Ethical to Sell at a Time Like This?”

Saw that question on Twitter the other day. And I get it. We’re all reeling to some degree or other, and don’t we have better things on our minds, besides business? Well yes, we do: Smile. Or do you have anything better to do? (Ok, that’s a bit snide, but I really really mean it: […]

Business Struggles? Everything Is Different, but One Thing Will Never Change

I know, it’s tough trying to keep business going when literally nothing is the same. Society, business, mobility, economy: it’s all different now. In that sense, the world has never seen a situation as wildly VUCA as the one we’re in now. Where the term stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. It’s a concept […]

Stacking Your Assets for Fun & Profit

Far too little attention gets given to the assets a business has, and the way they can be made to leverage each other. And we all have assets, but most of the time we don’t make them work for us, and then we end up spending more time and money on driving new sales, when […]

A Lesson George Bernard Shaw Wants You to Learn

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw Ok, it’s presumptuous of me to speak for Mr. Shaw – but, whatever. I’ll take that liberty, because I’m sure he’d be happy if more people realised the wisdom of his words. Because yes, we often think […]

When a Buyer Says “I Don’t Have the Money”

Really annoying when that happens, isn’t it? You’ve spoken with the person, they love what you do, they have a clear and present need and want, you’ve made your offer… And then they say “I just don’t have that kind of money”. In some cases, they’re stating a fact. Sometimes, people just don’t have the […]

What If You Want to, and Need It, but You Can’t?

Here’s something that just occurred to me: What if you have a business challenge you want my help with, but it’s out of reach because of price? Look, I’ll be the first to admit: I’m not cheap. And while there’s a good reason for that (working with a client for three months straight means you […]

Start the Year Off Right: This Is the Quickest Road to Sales & Revenue

Back in March when Spain went into lockdown, I realised things were going to get really tough, for businesses all over the world. And since I have what my coach calls ‘solutions-bias’, something occurred to me – something that might help most any business. So I built a solution, and right now, you can get […]