Stacking Your Assets for Fun & Profit

Far too little attention gets given to the assets a business has, and the way they can be made to leverage each other. And we all have assets, but most of the time we don’t make them work for us, and then we end up spending more time and money on driving new sales, when […]

When a Buyer Says “I Don’t Have the Money”

Really annoying when that happens, isn’t it? You’ve spoken with the person, they love what you do, they have a clear and present need and want, you’ve made your offer… And then they say “I just don’t have that kind of money”. In some cases, they’re stating a fact. Sometimes, people just don’t have the […]

It’s the Singer, Not the Song: Your Revenue Needs More Than Just a System

When I launched the IP to Profit system back in spring, for developing a new revenue centre out of your customer list, my coach said: “In such uncertain times, how do you know that a system will work?” Brought back memories of that Stones song: It’s the singer, not the song. Because he’s right. Not […]


Building or running a business can be hard, but it should never be complex, because that’s just no good for the mind. Simple is good. The fewer moving parts in anything, the easier it is to run the thing, test it, find flaws or bottlenecks, and fix & optimise. Same thing goes for business. You […]

Let’s Break Things

Gutenberg said: ‘Copying texts by hand? How tedious, how inefficient. That ain’t right’. And he went on to invent a printing press, and he broke how things were done. Steve Jobs said: ‘Computers big and bulky, and only for corporations? That ain’t right’. He went on to put a personal computer in every household. Abraham […]

Are You Trying to Push a Rope?

Further to last Friday’s article about ‘units of you’ and prioritising growth-driving activities in your business… What if you try with all your might, and results just won’t show up? Instagram, Facebook, outreach, proposals, trade shows, networking… you know you’re doing the right things, and things should be working and improvements (or at least: promise […]

Archetypes and the Case for Being a Technologist in Business

It’s useful to think in terms of archetypes: roles and identities that you can adopt, to achieve specific results. For example, the E-myth says that someone who’s awesome at doing something people pay for, isn’t necessarily also good at running or scaling a business: the doer archetype vs the owner archetype. Which makes sense, because […]

How to Win Entrepreneurial Battles

Because hey, every entrepreneur is a hero in their own right – we all battle against challenges and crazy odds. So: People tend to think that Napoleon was a great strategist, and it’s probably true. But, strategy is nothing without implementation. Proven by the fact that he never won another battle, once his marshall Davout […]

He Not Busy Being Born…

I never got into Dylan, but I do know he’s an awesome poet – and I love me some good lyrics. Saw him quoted the other day – you may know it: “He not busy being born is busy dying”. And at times like these, that’s truer than ever. If right now you’re not reinventing […]