Your Way, or No Way?

In your business, how do you handle the sales and price and T&C parts of being a freelancer or solo owner? Specifically, when clients try to haggle, or try to make you play by their rules – what do you do? It’s very common for us to then start to appease the buyer. But when […]

Why You Need Permission in Sales, and How to Get it

Selling without permission is coercion. You can’t morally or ethically have a sales conversation with someone who hasn’t given you permission for that type of conversation. And, selling without permission is ridiculously ineffective. You’ll have heard people talking about ‘handling objections’ – but, isn’t it better to not have any buyer objections at all? Then […]

Good Ideas? Volunteer Nothing

Good ideas abound, and they’re a dime a dozen. But unless someone accepts a good idea, it’s little use. And each day, we volunteer our good ideas to others. “This thing would really help you!” “Have you tried XYZ?” “Dude, you’re holding it wrong – that’s not how it works”. “Darling, maybe we should stop […]

The Case Against Building Things

The ability to build stuff, engineer solutions… create things, that then become an asset or a tool: It’s what enables a regular person with expertise and skills to build a thriving business. But, being a maker has a flipside, in that it can be the very reason why your business isn’t going anywhere. Especially if […]


They say ‘marketing is everything, and everything is marketing’ – which is true in a sense, but it’s an impoverished abstraction of human psychology. On a much deeper level, everything you do is a signal. Proper listening signals: you and your story matter to me. The husband hiding behind his newspaper (or being glued to […]

Are You Forcing People to Pay Interaction-Tax?

The other day I wrote about ‘selling people a problem’ – i.e. when the buyer perceives a complication that goes along with your solution. Today, let’s look at interaction-tax. And while it’s a word I just made up, each of us force others to pay that tax. – An email that’s long and carelessly worded? […]

But… Don’t They See What I’m Trying to Tell Them…?

Isn’t it frustrating, when you see a solution for someone and they just will not buy into it? But it’s so clear to you! You KNOW that things will change for them, and for the better! Then how come they don’t enroll? Don’t they SEE? It’s so clear! Yep, it’s clear: to you. And nope, […]

BizFun, Pt 4: Do They Need It, Do They Want It, Will They Pay For It?

### Part 4 in the Business Fundamentals series ### So you have this particular skill, it really works for people, and you know there’s a need for it. Logically, the next step is to get out there, show it to people, kick up dust, and offer your thing. “Because hey, it’s good and they need […]

Business Fundamentals, pt 3: Are You Selling Them a Problem?

Ok, part 3 in the BizFun series – where we’ll address a major reason for missing out on sales. See, we have this solution we offer. It’s great stuff, really does the job, and frankly: anyone who doesn’t buy it is either a fool or they like having their problem. Not so fast. When someone […]

Business Fundamentals, pt2: Who Are You For?

Thought it would be fun to dive deeper into The business Fundamentals I wrote about last week, so here’s part 2: Who are you for? Before starting out marketing your work (and also: several times a year, if your marketing is already running) you need to ask yourself: Who am I for? Who, very specifically, […]