What You Absolutely Must Have to Get People to Sign Up to Your List

Ah yes, ye olde dilemma: You have decided to start using email marketing, because that’s just how smart you are. But, your list is small… so how do you get more people to sign up? After all, it’s a brilliant idea to send emails, but you do need to have people receiving them. So over […]

The Only People You Really Want to Care About

After yesterday’s email about the difference between blogging and writing emails to your list, a reader writes in with a bit of confusion. So allow me to clarify that right up for you. ### Read your missive below with a wee bit of dismay as it seems I am mixed up with the terminology used […]

The Problem With Blogging and Why I Don’t Do It

Ah, ye olde debate: Is blogging dead, or does it still work? Always fun, to see people argue their opinion. You’ll get one guy saying ti no longer works and that there’s a next best thing, while someone else insists that blogging is still the way to go. Folks like me though, we don’t even […]

The Things I’m Not, and What Artists Don’t Need

Here’s something slightly different than our usual programme. Comes to you courtesy of one my my clients, who prefers to remain anonymous. This person is, in fact, responsible for making me aware that in my own way, I’m also an artist – even if I don’t create pure art, but only ‘functional’ (i.e. educational/inspirational) art. […]

Hey, Artist… Are You Swimming With the Sharks…?

It happens so often: An artist finally gets to grips with the fact that more conversations lead to more sales… … and in order to have more conversations, they go all out meeting with and talking to… … other artists. Which isn’t a bad thing, but I sure is nowhere near as effective as talking […]

Results Unavoidable – But Only If YOU WANT to Take the Advice

It’s not that I’m always right (for some inexplicable reason). But, there are things where yes, I am, indeed right. Point in case: I’ll never ever stop recommending a strong and persistent email habit for artists. Because, yes, email marketing works. For example, check out this doozy that a reader sent me, after she took […]

The Sane Business Owner, Rule #1

You might not like this recommendation, but I’m 100% convinced that if you give it a try, your mental state and inner peace will thank you for it. And, if it doesn’t help, you can always revert. So here it is, rule #1 for the sane business owner: Turn off all notifications. Yes, everything. If […]

The Worst Prison to Be In Is…

A new coaching client takes the bull by the horns, and writes a relatively scathing, polarising blog post. Because, as she says: “I’m uncomfortable moving forward, but also uncomfortable staying where I am. If I’m going to be uncomfortable, I prefer it to be while moving forward”. Smart, that one. And then she asks me […]

The Artist’s Kryptonite | Meet The Black Muse

Fun little email exchange with a reader yesterday. He mentioned ‘The black muse’, and I thought that’s a great term. Says he: ### Its a term I used for those ‘friends’ who don’t want you to be successful. Would prefer you to be in the pub with them and drinking their life away. So their […]

Let Me Answer My Own Question: Who Am I For…?

A while ago, my coach queried me on my focus and branding. What, this coach has a coach? Why of course. If I wouldn’t believe in the massive value and power of working with a coach, I’d have no business offering coaching services to others. It would be hypocritical and unethical. In fact, I have […]