Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Weird? I Really Want to Own One, and I’m Not Even an Art Buyer

Just got off a coaching call, and something really interesting occurred to me while in that conversation.

See, I don’t need any more art.

I rent my apartment from a friend, and he’s a fervent art collector.

And since he’s my friend, he left all the (extremely impressive) here, for me to enjoy.

So even if I’d want to buy a painting, I wouldn’t know where to hang it – the house is effectively full.

And yet…

A few weeks ago, I was in the studio of Jessica Shepherd, a botanical illustrator.

That chica is GOOD.

I already knew that, because last summer at the local gallery, I admired her paintings.

But once I was in her studio, and I saw how she paints on vellum, and I saw all the sketches and the pre-work and her setup, something changed.

The click happened when she brought out a little tool – a wooden stick with a smooth stone on it.

Don’t remember if it’s quartz or amber or whatever – but she said she rubs it over the painting, forcing the paint into the paper, before doing the second layer.

The moment she showed us, and I saw the movements she made, that’s when I fell in love with her work in such a way that I want to own one of her paintings.

So, possibly, this year I’ll move one of my landlord’s paintings into storage, and hang one of hers on the wall.

The moral of the story:

Show your work.

Share your progress, the way it goes together, where you get your inspiration – share it with people.

She didn’t even try to sell anything and yet I walked away wanting to buy.

Show your work: that’s all the marketing you really need to do.

Studio visits, shows, youtube videos, email marketing: pick the method that works for you and that you enjoy, and make it a habit.

And your art will, indeed, sell itself.

But only if you actually communicate with people, and share, and do it persistently and relentlessly.

If email marketing is what you want to do, then I’ll train you on how to do it right.

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