How to Eat an Elephant (Instructions Inside)

“How’s the progress going on your big project?”, I ask. “Well, I’m not really working on it right now”, she tells me. “I’m just doing my work. Taking care of life, you know.” Oh yes, I sure know. “Basically I’ve put it out there, so it really is a matter of the right person seeing […]

You Wouldn't Treat a Student Like That, So Why Do It to Yourself?

“It’s crap”, she tells me. “One long litany of woe-betide me, about how miserable I feel at the moment”. She hands me her laptop, and shows me the draft email – the first one she’s planning to send to her list in her new email marketing strategy. And it’s not bad, not at all. It’s […]

Important vs Urgent & the Best Time to Plant an Apple Tree

Lore has it that Abraham Lincoln said: “If you give me 6 hours to cut down a tree, I’ll spend the first five sharpening my axe”. A different way to say it: Dig the well before you get thirsty. Or: The best time to plant an apple tree is 20 years ago. The next best […]

Marketing Lessons From an Expert: Nobody Buys Paint-by-numbers Art

Spent a very pleasant hour interviewing Ana Hoffman last night. In case you don’t know her, she’s the owner of And she’s one clever chica, when it comes to getting traffic to your site and building your list. Seriously, her tutorials absolutely rock so you’d do well to head over and check her out. […]

What Are Your For?

He looked at me, not sure what I meant. So I explained: “What happens to people when they are exposed to you and your art? “What would you like to see people take away from the experience? “What does your art do to them? “What changes in people because of what you make? “That together, […]

There's Still Time… Question is, Are You Going to Use It?

Can you feel the frenzy brewing? November has just started and already the world of commerce is gearing up for the holidays. And before you know it, Black Friday will be upon us, and Cyber Monday, and Christmas, and… Must. Buy. Presents. Quickbeforeitstoolate! Yeah. I’m not a big fan of it either. All the hype, […]

The Mindset, Decisions at Systems You Need for a Healthy Art Business

If you’ve ever considered getting aboard the LEAP program, today might be the best moment yet. Today’s the last day to get access to the November issue, aptly entitled: The mindset, systems and decisions you need for a healthy art business Here’s some of what you’ll find inside: * How to deal with setbacks effortlessly […]

I've Been Diagnosed: Incurable Allergy to Nagging Artists

A call with Dutch artist Anook Cleonne, the other day. Tells me that after working with me and studying the LEAP newsletter, things have changed. That she now really gets the importance of telling stories. That she understands, and implements, frequent emailing. That it gets her great results. And, that it has given her enormous […]

Guess: What's the Single Biggest Waste of Time in Your Business?

If you ask Peter Drucker, it’s: Working diligently on something that doesn’t need to be done. Think about that for a minute. You might think that idling away time on Facebook, or watching TV for example, is the biggest waste of time. But with things like that, at least you’re getting some relaxation. It might […]

Well, That Didn't Go As Planned

I had it all planned out so carefully. Yesterday was the deadline for the November LEAP. I had prepared a couple of emails to send to you. And I thought I would be able to get them out, while spending a day at Kitty Harri’s artist event, in her sculpture garden. Brought my laptop, checked […]