Science! (Just Might Make You Rich)

Allow me to wax scientific atcha for a moment. Well, not really: while I consider myself a clear thinker (which others vehemently dispute) a scientist I am not. But I like to read and to learn and experiment, and there’s one thing that I’ve discovered from experience. And which science confirms. It’s this: Resolutions don’t […]

Finding the Balance: On Your Business vs In Your Business

Delivered some paintings to a gallery for a friend, yesterday. Oh yes, I’m a regular errand boy. Well, not really – but it was a good opportunity to speak with the gallery owner – a local Dutch artist called Lieuwke Loth. As a gallerist, she’s one of the good kind: she actually works for her […]

How About Now?

Let’s talk about procrastination. Oh what’s that, your phone is beeping? Sure, I’ll wait. Right, on the topic of procrastination – Yes of course, go get a cup of coffee first. You back? Right, let’s get this thing started. Procrastination is a bit like addiction. Eerily similar, in fact. You know how it works, because […]

Gearing Up for the New Year: If You Don't Say 'Yes' to 'No'…

… you will ‘no’ your ‘yesses’. If you’re like most people, you very likely say yes far too often. Yes to helping someone who won’t make use of your help. Yes to a shiny new object – a phone, or website plugin, or an advertisement where you don’t get any return. Yes to procrastination. Yes […]

How to Make Marketing Your Art Fun, Inspired by Mark McGuinness

Read something awesome this morning, and with a bit of luck it’ll make your art marketing a ton more fun and effective. And your coming year one of your best business years yet. Here’s what happened. Received a reply from Mark McGuinness – poet, author and coach for artists. Told me he’d be happy to […]

Heads Up: Core Human Motivations | Risk Aversion | Well-Being

It depends who you talk to: psychologists, neuroscientists and sociologists all have different views on what makes a human being tick. But there’s one thing they all agree on: Self-interest is a ubiquitous elemement in all human behavior. And before you think that I’m espousing a gloomy view on humankind, where we only care about […]

Valuable Marketing: Best Kind

Interesting talk with a gallery owner yesterday. Herself a painter, she’s been able to open a gallery here on the coast, and build it up into an actual business in less than two years. Over some lunch, she asked me about my work and about all this art marketing malarkey. So I told her: The […]

You're Sitting on a Goldmine, and You Don't Even Know It

In one of the site review reports I sent this week, I told my client that he’d do well to start an email habit. Even if he’s not a writerly kind, just some regular studio shots would already be very useful for staying in touch with his subscribers. Then I received the reply (from his […]