Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Healthy Freelancing 101: What's the Most Important?

“This morning I sanded and painted that dining room table I have”.

My friend, the lass who visits every day for a few hours, while I help her start an interior design business.

“Why though, what’s the use? Aren’t you building a business – do you have time for that kind of thing?”

“It’s useful”, she says, “I’ll be able to make photo of it and use it on my website.”

I tell her: “If you’d have taken the same three hours, and gone out on the street with your camera like I suggested the other day, you’d have come home with 40 photos, each a topic for a new blog post”.

Obviously she had no argument there.

“But I really enjoyed it, you know?”

And that, right there, that’s why most entrepreneurs never make it out of the busywork rut.

“I deserve time of, I work hard.”

“Am I not allowed d to live a little?”

Yes, yes you are. Very much so.

And that’s why the worst thing you could do is plan your free time around your work.

This is psychology 101 folks.

Most of us, we go about it in reverse: Work is of prime importance, it’s the thing that we build our free time around.

The problem with that is that it causes our subconsciousness to be in constant revolt.

Your self, your deepest level of lizard-brain-taking-care-of-you, just won’t put up with that kind of behaviour.

And so, you’re in an endless struggle of discipline versus well-being.

And you’ll probably have experienced that the consequence is frustration, knotted brows, and endless procrastination.

You lizard brain wants you to be happy, and by gosh it’ll make you happy, whether you like it or not.

Discipline and busywork?

No way Jose.

And so you slide off, slip into another few hours on Facebook.

“Because I deserve to relax a bit, yeah?”

Except, you don’t actually relax: you’‘re secretly punishing yourself, knowing you ought be working,

Constantly telling yourself off for slacking off.

And when you do get back to work, it’s with resentment and a highly unproductive feeling of guilt.

Here’s what to do instead: Define specific blocks of no-work, you-time, several times a day.

Whatever fits in your schedule.

20 Minutes 3 times a day at a very minimum.

Plan that stuff, and stick to it.

Set a timer, and when it rings, you switch off your machine and go relax.



No thinking about work, and preferably no Facebook either.

When you get back to work, you’ll feel rested, revived, ready to get some serious stuff DONE.

And, you’ll find that you will get stuff done, far more than you expect.

When you treat yourself well, and please your lizard brain the way it deserves, it in turn will reward you with enormous zest and drive.

You plan your work around your free time, not the other way round.

Because if you get the order of importance wrong, there will never be enough time to do the work (obviously, because you won’t perform at top levels) and you’ll constantly be chipping away at what little time you have for yourself.

A hideous vicious circle, and I’ll bet you’ve experienced it for yourself.

Just one of the many MANY things about healthy mindset that are going into LEAP #6

Today’s the last day to get access to it.

If you get it, you don’t just get my ongoing help by email, you’ll. also learn a complete set of attitudes, mindset and behaviour that make you highly productive, and with a bit of luck, quite a bit happier in your work.

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See you on the inside…


Who's Running Your Shop Anyway?

You’ll have seen me write about the importance – nay, the need – of starting your day with a simple, small activity that’s only for you and you only.

It literally transforms your days, when you being begin by doing something that makes you feel good and that yes, you deserve.

Now let’s take that a step further: Let’s look at the start of your day.

Most people, and for many years I did the same, start their day by opening their email inbox.

That right there is the most destructive start of your day you can have.

Sure, you want to know if that job got confirmed.

If the files were sent back.

If that payment came through.

Whether or not that link got retweeted, that update got Liked.

Hell, you want to know if someone said anything nice to you, to begin with.

But all that info will not go away: once it’s in your inbox, what really is the rush in checking it, first thing you get to work?

I’ll tell you what: your addiction.

The habit that crept in over the years, the one that forces you to check and check and check k again, compulsively.

What is it that you’re addicted to, you may ask?

Other people’s agenda, is what.

If it’s a client, they want you to start the job.

If it’s a retweet, it’s because that person wants to be on your radar.

All the time, somebody who wants something from you, and inbox full with other people’s agendas.

But listen, you’re an entrepreneur, you have your own agenda.

Why would you let other people run that show?

It’s you, your work, your mind, your day – that’s what matters.

Because when you take proper care of those things, you can serve those who want something from you so much better.

Yes, taking care of number one.

How else will you survive?

Like I wrote in LEAP #1: you always put your own oxygen mask on first when your plane loses cabin pressure – if you don’t, your toddler survives and you suffocate.

Which would be very self-sacrificing.

Stupid too.

So what then is the first thing you should do with your working day?

Well, one thing is to write a daily email, because that’s what builds relationships and gets you sales.

But if you don’t write daily emails, there’s tons of other things you can do.

Just so long as it’s an activity that you know contributes to your marketing, your visibility, and your sales.

So that you can stop doing busywork and ultimately focus

Fix things on your site.

Or maybe a daily 30 minutes writing a new salespage.

Studying a new marketing method (like email marketing, never a bad idea).

Anything, really, as long as its in your own interest and to your own benefit.

Not those of other people, no matter how much you love your customers (and well you should(

Take care of yourself first.

Your inbox can wait.

Scary stuff, no?

Not really.

Try it.

Do it for a week and see how your days go.

And let me know how it works out for you.

Alrighty, tomorrow is the last day to get access to LEAP #6, which is going to be rife, stocked, chockfull of exactly this kind of wholesome, mind-healthy tips and tools and strategies.

You’ll learn how small little steps, incremental changes, and very smart mindset shifts give you enormous strength, focus, productivity and bounce back resilience.

But, only if you’re brave enough to actually make the changes that will lead to your success.

Is that you?

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Tickity tockity…



How to Woo Yourself and Seduce Your Mind Into Achieving More Success

Let’s say one day you fall in love, but the other person, sadly, just doesn’t notice you, doesn’t consider you a candidate.

How would you go about ‘getting’ them?

You could try to get them drunk, but that’s hardly a way to start a relationship.

You could try to pull all kinds of dating and seduction tricks, but then they’d fall for persuasion and not for you.

Or, you could simply commit to your mission, to be recognised by the other as someone worth a chance.

And so you’d show up, time and time again – not to be pushy, but just to be relentlessly committed.

Small actions: a smile, helping out with something, making a compliment.

Over and over again, until finally, the person has no choice but to take another look at you, and go: “Huh, she’s actually quite nice. Maybe yeah, why not have a coffee”.

I’ve seen it work: This girl I see in town: I’ve found her attractive for the last 8 years, and she never gave me anything but a long face.

But I just kept saying hello, a smile here and there… and this year, she started smiling back at me – and not in any small way.

Of course by that time I’d switched back into celibacy mode, but still.

More proof?

My first ever girlfriend, when I was a wee little Stellar – I was madly in love with her for years.

Two whole years, we’d rehearse the words for the school plays, always at a safe distance.

Until finally she fell into my arms, and many months were spent, mutually madly in love.


It works.

What does this have to do with your mind, and your success?

Well, with synchronicity running at full speed, Brendan Burchard just launched a new book and a training course, to teach people how to excel, be motivated, to achieve what they’re made for.

And guess what the first thing is that he tells us we need?

Small, strategic, and very persistent actions and changes in behaviour and mindset.

Which just so happens, is exactly the same thing that I’ll be teaching you in the next issue of LEAP.

That is, if you want to get out of the ‘here’, and get ‘there’.

If you know that you’re made for more, that there’s more achievement, happiness, fulfilment and success waiting in you, then let this ole’ ex-monk tell you that the way to get there is by committing to very simple, very manageable changes in your daily routine.

You take a simple set of attitudes and behaviours, and you commit to putting them into practice daily.

Things that take hardly any time, but that over time compound to a huge transformation in your mind and your life.

That way, you woo and seduce your own subconscious into more productivity and creativity and achievement than you thought possible.

The kind of stuff you’ve always known should be part of your life, you just didn’t know how to get there.

Read LEAP #6, and you’ll know.

Put the teachings in there into practice, and you’ll see the changes happen, day after day after day.

And I’ll be there to help you along, with the 5-minute email direct access for questions.

Want to grow, achieve, perform, excel?

Let me show you how –>



A Disappointing Experience, and Why the Starving Artist Myth is Alive and Kicking

Back in the days when I was still a tailor, I used to get good results  by participating on forums.

I’d got to places where people talked about good dress, how to choose a tailor, how to knot a tie, and I’d chip in with my two cents.

Being (wassing?) somewhat of a skilled tailor, people liked me showing up, and over time my reputation grew.

Folks would click on the link in my signature and some would join my list.

That’s a good strategy, btw: for one thing, each time you comment on a forum, there’s another backlink to your site.

And, if you truly do know your stuff, you do get the clicks.

So last week I figured I’d do the same thing, but this time for artists.

With the intention to provide free help, in return for some extra visibility.

So I signed up on a forum, filled out my profile, and happily started commenting on question threads in the business and marketing section.

In the morning, there was an email from a moderator: According to their policy, the site is non-commercial, and linking from a signature to a page that offers something for sale is not allowed.

Fair enough – policy exists for a reason.

But it was the general feel of it – the “Eew, a marketer in our midst – how gross” kind of thing I sensed.

Had a quick exchange with the moderator who seemed to understand that I was there to deliver value to the community, and he suggested I contact an administrator.

So I did, and proposed that I could write a weekly instructional article and post it, but on the condition I could use a byline such as ‘if you’d like tips like these delivered to your inbox, I invite you to visit my site and sign up’.

No reply.

Now, I understand that it doesn’t fit within their plans, that the site is truly and only for artists congregating to talk about their art.

But that does mean they aren’t doing artists any favours.

There’s no merit in getting together with fellow sufferers just so you can bemoan the poor state of the industry.

Besides, I agree that there’s a lot of bad marketing out there, but let me ask you: How does anyone sell anything, if there’s not some form of promotion or marketing happening?

Marketing is what enabled Winsor and Newton to still produce paint.

Marketing is what enabled Steve Jobs to revive Apple and bring us the iPad.

Marketing is what failed when Kodak bit the dust.

There is no economy without marketing.

Oh wait, you mean people should hire you or buy from you, just because of the quality of your work, and the pretty blue of your eyes?

Yeah, good luck with that.

But there’s a bigger problem: If you go and hang out with people who are having the same problems as you have, you’re each feeding each other the same Kool-aid.

Telling each other that people just don’t spend money on art.

“I know! It’s terrible!”

And you all feel so connected, in your misery and frustration.

Look, if you have a problem and you want it solved, you seek out people who have been there and who know the answers.

The worst possible thing you could do is sit and get into daily bouts of navel staring and shared pity.

If you want to learn maths, or chess, or bridge – do you go and hang out with people who are at your level?

Of course not.

You find someone better than you, you thrill them with your insatiable appetite to learn and improve, and they reward you by teaching you how it’s done.

If you’re smart and if you do actually really want change and improvement.

There’s a few days left to sign up for LEAP.

And if you do want change, this November issue is going to give you a whole slew of ways that you can benefit from the experience and authority of others, most of it for free.

Get on board here –>



This Might Be a Really Bad Idea

Then again, it might be exactly the thing I need to do.

See, I’m not very good at asking for help.

Sure, I’ll ask a friend to help me with my site, or to give me a tip on something they know more about than I do.

But actually coming out and saying: “I don’t know where to go next. I need some help”.

That kind of thing – yeah, um… Stupid pride in the way.

But I’m not a rock, not an island.

And asking for help is important.

You should do it.

So should I.

And, I should practice what I preach.

So here we go:

I need some help guys.

I need to get more traffic to my site, so that I can get more subscribers on my list.

So that, in the end, I can sell more LEAP subscriptions.

Because hey, the subscribers that I do have all are raving about how much it helps them.

LEAP changes lives. You can check that for yourself on the page I just linked o.

Which means it’s my mission – nay, my duty to get it in front of more people.

But over the last year, I’ve done very little to grow my list.

I’ve tried a few things, but nothing has made a substantial difference.

Not sure where to invest in paid traffic.

The guest posts I’ve submitted either went dud (that one Liz Strauss published for me got a round 0 traffic to my site – while it wasn’t a bad piece at all), or they got stuck in revisions, or they were accepted but simply never published.

Tried my hand at an artist’s forum last week, only to hear something like ‘no commercial activities here’. (While actually I was trying to be helpful there, and I wasn’t selling anything.

Thought about doing solo ads, but that’s a shady industry and I don’t know how to choose someone who’s actually worth the money.

Twitter: I used to love going there, but these days it seems nobody is actually being social anymore – it’s all link link link, share retweet and share retweet.

Facebook? Blegh.

Adwords? Way too technical for me.

Podcast – that was recommended a s a good way to build a reputation and attract traffic.

But on my own, running a podcast and keeping it up every week is too big a task.

So I just don’t know right now.

I need some help.

Got any ideas?

Want to lend a hand?

Let me know if you do…

Much appreciated..



Planting Seeds, and Why I Don't Watch Horror Movies

There’s something interesting I keep noticing.

Someone will come to me – a reader sends me an email, or I’m having a chat with a friend – and tell me of a new idea that they had.

A decision they made, or an insight they came to.

Some sort of revelation or step in their evolution.

Always  something to be happy about: guy or gal gets ahead in life.

The funny thing though, is that often it’s something that I told them – months or even years ago.

At that time, they weren’t receptive, or ready, or they just didn’t get it.

But the notion that got shared somehow took root in their subconscious minds, and grew to end up bearing fruit.

Obviously it’s not just my having told them: people go through their own processes and experiences.

But I do believe that planting a thought seed contributes, and it’s why I keep doing it.

It’s one of the reasons I write these emails, to sow ideas in the fertile soil of your mind, so that hopefully, one day, some of the ideas will serve you.

Fascinating to see when that happens.

What’s even more fascinating is when you start to apply this principle to your own mind.

As in, start paying really close attention to the ideas and notions you take in.

It’s why I deleted my Facebook account: Too much complaining, too many scare stories, too much fluff.

I don’t need that stuff yo.

It’s also why I’m very conscientious with for example the movies or TV shows I watch.

The subconscious is a very interesting thing, running in the background all by itself.

And everything you put tin there will stay, and have its effect.

You might not agree – “I notice no ill effects”.

Well of course you don’t.

That’s why it’s called the subconscious.

But you bet that the things you put into your mind work on while you’re not looking.

It shows up in dreams, for example.

“Oh I watch horror movies all the time, I never dream anything bad”.

Maybe. Or maybe you only remember a tiny little percentage of the things you actually dream.

Thing is, your subconscious is very creative, and while you’re not paying attention it influences and determines all manner of attitudes and behaviours.

Which is why I keep listening to podcasts and read stuff.

I study and learn, all the time.

And guess what: it ends up creating all kinds of beneficial effects.

It enables me to come up with useful idea when doing consulting calls

It allows me to write a brand new issue of LEAP each month, and cram if full with ideas that changes people’s attitude and behaviour and mindset and life.

All part of the ongoing experiment called Martin’s mind.

After some 20 years of sowing wholesome notions, I realised this year that my fields are just rife with ideas, and you bet ‘m harvesting.

Might want to do the same for yourself.

Well worth it.

Let me show you how, in the next issue of LEAP –>



How to Beat Procrastination and Earn More by Doing Less

Success is never owned – it is rented.

And the rent is due every day.

~ Rory Vaden

Guess what that means, bubba: You’re in this for the long haul, and however you may define success, you gotta plug away at it every day.

Sure you’ll have days when you’re not in the mood.

When you don’t feel good.

Can’t get anything done.

Nobody expects you to be at the top of your game every single day.

Except you, and if that’s your attitude you probably punish yourself for whenever you have a less than optimal day
Thing is, nearly every entrepreneur has ridiculously high demands on self.

And so you dick around doing nothing – waste time on Facebook, or you get lost in cleaning the house, or sorting files on your hard drive

But because you do that as an escape, as a way of procrastination, you’re not enjoying it.

You know you ‘should’ be doing constructive stuff, but man – don’t you deserve some time off, every now and then?

With all the hard work you do?

Yes, you do deserve time off.

But procrastinating isn’t time off – it’s just a way to not do work while feeling guilty about it.

So when you feel that way, when procrastination fights against your willpower (and it always wins), the best possible thing you could do…

Is to disconnect, unplug, walk away.

Nobody will shoot you if you’re half an hour or half a day late on a deadline.

Instead of half-relaxing while feeling guilty, go outside and smell the flowers.

Take 30 minutes, or an hour.

Heck, just blow off steam for a whole day, if you’ve been wearing yourself thin.

When you come back, you’ll be so much stronger, motivated, powerful, focused, happy.

Suddenly that big task you dreaded is no longer a big deal and you’ll launch into it with a vengeance.

Because here’s the thing: success and results come as a consequence of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Because you may think that today you don’t have time for to go to the gym, but that’s a mindf**k

If you do go to the gym, you’ll feel good the rest of the day.

The hour it takes pays itself back many times over.

It’s like that zen disciple who went to ask his master: “They say I should meditate 20 minutes each morning, without fail. But sometimes I have so much to do, I just don’t have the time.

“Should I really meditate every day?”

The master looked at him and said: “Yes, every single day.

“Very important.

“Except when you have a busy day, of course.

“On those days, you should meditate for an hour.”

Wise man, that dude.

It’s what I do too, and let me tell you: this attitude works.

LEAP 6 is going to explain in detail how I go about taking care of myself, so that I can actually perform at my highest levels.

It includes my morning ritual, how I spend 2 full hours at the start of each day, doing everything except work.

And, no it’s not two hours of meditation.

But by the time I open my laptop, I’m revved up on overdrive, raging with energy and gusto.

And you can get that too.

Here’s where –>



Want a Medal? It's for Tireless Busywork in the Face of More Time off and Better Earnings…

I’ve been reaching out to tailors lately.

Because boy, do they need help.

So far, reactions are either: “Doing well, no need for marketing”, or:

“Too busy, can’t afford time to do marketing”.

And that just hurts me so much.

Because I’ve been there, I know what it’s like:

Bills to pay, crappy customers paying crappy rates – so just to get by you take on more of the same crappy work.

Never taking the time to take care of number one.

It’s a total race to the bottom, it’s a guarantee for burnout.

Every sane and successful business person will tell you that 20% of your time is money-making activity and the remaining 80% is for non-billable, business-getting activities.

Marketing, blogging or writing daily emails, studying, reaching out, pitching… all those things that you can’t quote for, but that do bring in better clients and more cash.

Don’t be like those tailors who are killing themselves with more crappy work.

Because if I find out that you put your nose even closer to the grindstone instead of actually taking care of business, I WILL give you that medal.

Now obviously it’s scary: how are you going to find time to bring in more business, when all you need is more income?

I mean, you can’t just take 4 days off your calendar only to do promotion and marketing.

What you can do however is start small, with tiny but significant activities that have a massive impact on your state of mind.

Don’t underestimate the power of shifting your mindset.

Just 30 minutes a day (which you CAN afford, else you’re just making excuses or faffing around on Facebook) will trigger all kinds of chemical and hormonal reactions in your system.

When that starts, it becomes self-perpetuating, it’s a virtuous circle.

For example, starting your day – before opening your inbox – just with 30 minutes of reading, will transform your days.

Or a podcast, or going for a walk, or some gardening – what you actually do is not nearly as important as doing something just for you.

Though making it a learning experience has major benefits.

Try it, give it a week, see how you feel, let me know.

I’m pretty sure you’ll see some magic happen.

And if you want to learn the tricks that I myself use, and how to build one activity into an ever-growing transformational process of more growth and learning and happiness and earning, get in on LEAP 6.

It’s built to cause a big improvement in your business…

Access here –>



How a Feminist Misconception Can Destroy Your Productivity and Your Chances of Success

This one’s for the girls, though the men reading me should also learn from it.

It might cost me a few subscribers, but ye olde truth must be ye olde told.

Now, first of all, I don’t talk politics here: My point is not to get into a who’s right and who’s wrong.

Also, I’m all for equality.

Or rather: equivalence, in the true meaning of the word: equi-valent, meaning of equal worth.

Now, the meat of the thing.

It appears to me that in the drive for greater equality, a dangerous misconception about a certain female quality has come be misunderstood as something praiseworthy and empowering.

I’m talking about multitasking.

“Ah, you men, you can’t do multitasking. We women, however…”

And yes, you can.

Women can run eleventy tasks at the same time, and yes, it’s amazing.

It’s also totally destructive to your productivity though.

Here’s why.

Research shows that what we call multitasking is actually high-frequency switching.

There are no simultaneous streams of concentration, instead it’s a matter of drive-switch-drive-switch, at incredible speeds.

And yes, it’s impressive.

But it also destroys your productivity and creativity.

First of all, you no longer need that.

Way back when, you gals had to have the ability to ‘multitask’, or else society would go haywire.

You had to do everything at the same time: skin the rabbit, stir the pot, watch so your toddler wouldn’t crawl into the campfire, fend of the advances of bear-skinned cavemen, eye the shrubbery for any predators about to leap and eat you…

Those days however are over.

Problem is, in that fast switching so many people still do (men as well as women), your concentration gets broken with every switch, and it literally takes minutes before it’s back.

Tested and proven. 11 minutes I think, to recover from each interruption.

So you might be doing three things at the same time, but you’re less efficient than you could be at each of them.

But it gets worse: Multitasking also makes you stoopid.

Researchers in London studied performance and IQ, and discovered that while multitasking, your brain effectively functions at the level of someone who had just smoked some good ole’ Mary-Jane.

In other words, when you multi-task, you effectively perform as if you were, like they used to say when I lived in Seattle, ‘baked out of your gourd’.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

So what’s the solution?

Well, there’s a nifty little trick I’ve been practicing this year, and it does miracles for my productivity.

Seriously, with just a few hours of this strategy, I get more done in my first three hours than I could with a normal 8-hour day’s work.

Want to know how this here ex-monk reaches laser focused concentration?

Then sign up for the LEAP newsletter and I’ll explain…

LEAP 6 is going to be my best one yet. And that’s saying something…

Access here –>



How the Media You Consume Kill or Create Your Success and Your Happiness

“Everybody ready? Seat belts buckled?”

“Yes!”, we cheered, “Let’s go!”

He turned the key, and put our brand new VW campervan into gear.

We were off on vacation.

As we motored down to Austria, we were all amazed by exactly how many of these vans were on the road.

It seemed like every few kilometers, there was another one.

And another. And another.

Have you ever had that experience?

You buy a new iPod, and instantly it’s like every Tom Dick and Harry has one.

What happens there is what is called perception bias, and if you’re not aware of it, it can ruin your life.

A form of cognitive bias, it means that subconsciously and automatically, we interpret information in a way that is consistent and congruent with the values and beliefs we have.

When we see that confirmation, it strengthens our views and makes us even more likely to selectively perceive confirmation.

It’s something that the media just loves.

Because if you are worried about, say, an epidemic, you automatcially are more prone to noticing stories and reports that the threat is real and severe.

At that moment, the media will create even more sensationalist headlines, to feed into that fear.

Which means people will visit the fear-mongering websites more often, and share articles more often.

And obviously that’s a goldmine because for every extra view or click, advertisers pay more money to the news outlet in questions.

Facebook does a similar thing, showing you what they want you to see. It’s all filtered.

Google does it too, with its personalised results.

You’d be amazed at the different search result you get, when you compare those on your own computer to those on a machine you’ve never used before.

By ordering and filtering results in a way that matches your interests, search history and tracked web browsing, they tailor the information you see to what they think you want to see.

That way you like Google more and keep using them, but at the same time, it reinforces and shapes your worldview.

The problem is that if your mind keeps receiving the same confirmations of your beliefs, those beliefs get stronger.

And what you believe, deep on the inside, shapes your thoughts, your actions, and your decisions.

Together, that shapes the way your life unfolds.

Example: The economic crisis is a dreadful thing, but at the same time it has the benefit of pushing people into a more autonomous state of living.

Even Einstein pointed at that.

You lose your job – then your best choice is probably to take responsibility and start a web business.

And thus, the age of the entrepreneur started.

So which view do you accept?

That the world sucks, and it’s all going to hell in a handbasket?

Or that because of the problems, more people are waking up and taking responsibility for themselves, instead of relying on monthly pay and a pension plan?

Choose wisely, because what you believe is what you’ll find back in the world around you.

With or without Google, Facebook, and news media.

Like I said in LEAP 1: you choose your perception, and that shapes your reality, event by event by event.

This concept, how commerce and media form your worldview and the way you eventually live, is something very well explained in Rayn Holiday’s Trust me I’m lying, and from what I’ve heard, it’s a scary read.

And because the way you get influenced by the media you consume has such a massive effect on either your success or your failure, I’m dedicating a long section in LEAP 6 to it.

I’ll be explaining in practical terms what you should do to feed your mind the type of media that creates success.

The first tip I’ll give you now: Throw away your TV.

You’re welcome.

To get access to the next issue, the one that compiles quite a lot of my last 20 year’s experience, go here:

I warn you though: I’ve updated the page and added a bunch of testimonials from actual LEAP subscribers. So don’t, I repeat do NOT click that link unless you want to be exposed to some proof that LEAP is the bee’s knees, that it works.

Which link?

This one –>



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