Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Can I Be Your Sharona?

It’s uncanny how much sales are like dating.

But not like dating that cute guy at the deli.

Sales are more like dating a caveman, a neanderthal.

A person who goes through life trained to spot risks and dangers.

A prospect sees himself constantly, potentially, at risk in a pervasively hostile environment, just like human beings in prehistoric times

To someone looking to buy, every offer could be a lemon – gotta be careful, right?

Of course these days we no longer fear thunder, or predators, or eating a poisonous plant.

But we still need to be protected from our environment:

Muggers, scammers, ISP’s, traffic, falling ladders and shrimp-gone-off – all kinds of things can be a hazard to us.


To protect us from that, we have the lizard brain.


The lizard brain sniffs out details in our environment that are too small or too fleeting for us to perceive consciously.

That time you slammed on the breaks and just barely avoided hitting the car in front of you?

That was because your lizard brain perceived a risk, and effected a safety response instantly – all before your mind even registered that the car in front of you was breaking.

You sniff at the overdate jar of sauce, and it smells fine.

But you distrust it anyway and drop it in the bin.

Your lizard brain just protected you from food poisoning.

Redundantly perhaps – but in a hostile environment, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Very useful, this lizard brain.

Terrible for sales though: people are constantly on the lookout for a reason not to trust us

Unless of course, you know how to work with it.

Once you realize that a prospect is constantly and actively looking for reasons not to trust your offer, you can behave in ways that show people, over time, that you’re alright, that you can be trusted.


Like Sharona is doing very cleverly.

Sharona is a girl here in town, and she’s madly in love with Grog, my pet caveman.

But Grog is used to simply dragging a female to his cave by the hair – he doesn’t know what all this love malarky is about.

To him, a smile is a sign of aggression.

Someone wanting to touch his arm is perceived as an attack, and moving in for a kiss is just right out of the question.

He no longer drags women by the hair though, I made him stop that. I’m very persuasive.


Sharona is clever – she’s basically using the strategy of email marketing to win his trust.

Each day when Grog and I go out for a walk, she’s there on the same park bench.

She’s patient, persistent and consistent: she’s there every day, just so he can get used to her presence and get to trust her in his own time

She doesn’t ask for his attention, she doesn’t expect him to notice her – she just shows up, every day.

The result is that Grog’s lizard brain gets used to her.

She’s becoming a permanent fixture in his surroundings.

And each time he sees her she’s just sat there – not threatening, not demanding – Not salesy.

Just there, showing up, a pretty sight.

And he’s getting used to her. Getting to like her.

And I think it’s beginning to work: this morning before going out, I noticed he was picking the rabbit bones out of his beard and combing his chest fur.

I’m pretty sure that within a week or two, he’ll want to hunt a wild animal and offer it to her.


What this means for your business:

 Talk to your list – every day if you can

Be like Sharona: Consistently present, a fixture in the lives of your prospects and customers.

Show up consistently, a pretty sight or a useful message.

People get used to you, they’ll start liking you for the simple fact that you’re there to stay.

They see you mean business and are committed to it, and that builds trust.

And trust breeds sales.


Ready for more trust and more sales? Then I’ll write those emails for you – daily, weekly, bi-weekly – whatever works for your budget and your business model.


Let me be your Sharona.


Whatever the details may look like, the result is always singular: more sales and more money in the bank.

Here’s the how and the why –>





More sales, killer productivity, more time off and happier clients. And Sandra Bullock

…as you sip Pina Colada on a yacht in the Pacific while playing chess with Richard Branson, to the backdrop of Kate Winslet and Emma Watson dancing by the pool.

And Sandra Bullock – she’s cute.


Obviously, I jest.

But this one thing I’m about to show you will make a big difference in getting closer to whatever your dream is.

It’s a bit longer than my normal emails, but it’ll be worth it.

If you make it to the end I’m sharing a gem of a mind-trick with you.

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Can I Slam You With a Claudio? Also: My Pet Caveman


Right, back to business.

Because if my friend Claudio would be able to speak right now, he’d scold me, and very harshly so.


“I have run this bar for 20 years, Martin.

20 years, and I’ve never, ever, had a day off.

I’m here each night.

Never a holiday.

Because if I don’t show up, people find a closed door and I wouldn’t even *have* a business.

And you, Martin, you close shop just because I’m in hospital?

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Exclamation Marks Are Illegal. Here's Why

Reviewed a website for a client last week.

On the about page, she did something fun and effective: it was simply a bullet list of statements about herself.

Smart, really. Makes it a fun, punchy read.

The copy was good too: relevant, fun, interesting.

But she ended each line with an exclamation mark – and that’s just absolutely deadly.

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Why Being Cheeky Gets You More Sales

You know what works for getting sales?
Being cheeky.
I discovered this years ago when I was still a tailor, completely by accident.
Here’s what happened.
I was in a fancy hotel room. On the bed, my suitcase, fabric samples, button cards, measuring tape, pins needles, chalk.
Here was a traveling tailor, ready to take your order for a $4000 suit, sir.

But I wasn’t taking any orders. Nothing was coming in.
No calls, no emails.

This was the third hotel in my tour, and I was about to cancel the fourth hotel

Clearly, there was something wrong with my strategy.
My girlfriend asked: “Did you write a blog post today?”
I was in a a strange mood.
So I said ‘Oh screw it’, got to writing and started:

“You deserve one of my suits.
I mean it: they’re that good.”

Then I went on to explain why.
Finished, proofed, published.

Within  an hour there was an email from one of my subscribers:

“Martin, I’m a bank director in London, and I want a suit. When can you visit the City?”

Now, to write something so cheeky, you have to be brazen. A bit nuts helps, too.
But you don’t have to be as weird as me – it’s not about arrogance, shock effect or tooting your own horn.
The reason cheekiness works – if used well – is that it shows confidence.

And confidence sells.

I once replied to a famous internet marketer: “Cool email, I almost bought your product.”
His reply included: “That’s alright, I’ll hook you some time in the future.”
You’d think the arrogance would turn me away, but the opposite happened:
It gave me more respect for the guy. It showed me he truly believes in what he does.
And in the end I did become his client.

When you write emails, use confidence. Simply state what you do, what benefits it brings, and what price goes with that.

Don’t be shy, don’t marginalize yourself, and certainly don’t apologize for charging money

And yes, be bold, brazen, cheeky or unabashed. All of it, if that’s your style.

Sounds difficult?
It can be.
That’s why having a writing coach – or mentor – is such a fantastic way to become a better writer.
And that’s why the best decision you could make this year, would probably be to get some serious writing training.

It’s not cheap, it’s not easy, but it will make you a much better writer, real fast.
That is, provided you can handle detailed feedback.
And, only if you actually put it to use.

But if you do?
Then you’ll soon be running your own, successful email marketing campaigns.
And that means fans, high open rates, brand ambassadors – and yep, more sales. Mucho more sales, if you do it right.

There’s no smarter marketing than email marketing.
Let me show you how:

Have a great weekend,



How To Not Be a Bum, but Use Action To Get More Sales

You know I’m big on positivity and motivation.
Action is my mantra.
I can’t stand see people resign to whatever flavor of suck life serves them.

It breaks my heart when I get to the supermarket, and there’s yet another 25-year-old sat at the door with a dixie cup in front of him.

Ok, I must be careful here: my point is not to rant against beggars, or bums, or vagabonds.
I can’t judge them, I don’t know what brought them here or what caused them to throw in the towel.
But that’s what they did.
Before folding their legs at the door of a shop, something in them said: “The best thing I can do is sit and wait for money to be given to me”.

I’m sorry guys, but that’s not the best thing you could do. Not by a long shot.

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How This Caveman Will Make You Happier, Richer, and Better at Business

I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine. Don’t let his hairy appearance scare you.

Grog, say hi to the good folks:

Grog: “Hrrwrraaarr.”

As you can see, Grog isn’t yet trained in our way of speech.

Before you blame the system: it’s because he was brought here from the past.

He really is, quite literally, a caveman.

And back in his days communication seems to have happened with an assortment of some 50 different types of growls and grunts.

The noise he makes when you give him food is particularly cute.

“Hey Grog, look at this sandwich!”

Heh. I like him.

I’m introducing you to this friendly yet primitive fellow because I want to show you how your buyers are, in a way, exactly like him.

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This Might Help You – Question From a Reader About Daily Emails

Had an interesting email come in yesterday, a read named John wondering how best to promote his books.

“Hi Martin,

That said, I’m a writer who has self published one book through Amazon’s KDP.  With quite a few family obligations finally out of the way, I have an aggressive, but realistic, publishing plan for 2014 that will give me two more novels, a few short stories, and a collection of those stories. I plan on releasing a new free short every 10 weeks. As each new one is released, I’ll change the prior one from free to .99 with my goal being beginning to build an audience. If I’m successful in getting eyeballs on these, my questions would be:

What is the best way of “capturing them” to become readers of a blog or mailing list?
What type of fun/interesting/entertaining material could I regularly email out that isn’t “hey, you should read my next book”?

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