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Sales, for nice people

Ethical selling for coaches and consultants who wish selling wasn't part of business...

...but who know they can’t avoid it if they’re going to serve their people and make a profit doing it.

Discover the integrity-based sales methodology that only an ex-monk could create, and learn to sell while staying 100% true to your values...

...yet sell more, and at higher prices than ever before!

More buyers and more money, and no need to get pushy:
Sales, for Nice People

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So you're a good egg, you love your customers... you just wish that selling your work wasn't part of the job?

You’re not alone.

When values like integrity and truthfulness matter to you, the last thing you’ll want is to sacrifice your values on the altar of a thriving business.

And, you don’t have to – not if you let your values guide you.

If you recognise yourself in any of those, then you’ll find Sales for Nice People (aka the LEAP Framework for Ethical Selling) massively useful, and maybe even life-changing. 

Over the last 25 years, Martin has studied psychology, communication, persuasion, leadership, sales, ethics, and a lot more – and he’s turned everything he’s learned into a simple, actionable, 10-pillar framework for ethical selling.

It’s powerful & effective, enabling you to scale up your impact and revenue – and it’s especially for coaches, consultants and leaders who are on a mission to make a positive impact on society and the world with their business.

And as a former monk, he created this sales methodology in order to enable ethical people, those who care about others – people like you, who resent the pushy kind of selling we know all too well – to make selling something far more natural, and even fun. 

Wait... selling can be fun?​

Depends on how you treat it, but yeah sure – why not?

If you treat the process of enrollment as an act of service, where it’s your job to help your buyer make a decision, and you let your values guide you? Absolutely.

See, the awkwardness that comes with selling is only there if we make it about ourselves – but if you make it about the other person, and you make their best choice (be it yes or no) your priority, selling becomes something natural, not awkward at all, and can in fact cause terrific conversations. 

After all, we all want people to say: "How do I get more of this" or "Where do I pay", right? ​

The LEAP Ethical Selling Framework shows you a way of having conversations that get you that kind of result, and the live, 1 on 1 training programme detailed below shows you how to make that happen. 

The Sales for Nice People programme teaches you how to:

Martin created this sales framework because it pains him to see so many good people, who are on a mission to have an impact, struggle to sell their work.

Especially because in many cases, it’s simply because we let our values prevent us from having the kind of sales conversations that create clients – in other words: the ‘good egg paradox: the more integrity someone has, the harder it tends to become to enroll clients.

But all that changes once we allow our values to make the enrollment process easier and enjoyable for everyone.

Learn how to implement the perfect ethical selling method for converting more leads, at higher rates, while still being able to sleep at night

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How it works

Meet with Martin

Schedule a 20 minute Zoom call with Martin to assess whether Sales for Nice People is right for you.

He’ll show you how the framework goes together, and if you feel it’s what you need, your first 1 on 1 training session will be scheduled then and there.

Get personal training

For 10 weeks straight, you’ll receive a 1 on 1 weekly personal 45-minute training session with Martin.

He’ll guide you through the 9 pillars, give you personalised homework, and address any roadblocks that might come up for you as you go along. 

Each session includes a Q&A section, where Martin coaches you on the deals in your pipeline.

Enroll people with ease

Of course you’ll see your sales results improve, and your conversion rates go up. 

But the effect doesn’t stop there: you’ll find that your perception on relationships and communication shifts, enabling you to get better results with people in all areas of your life. 

And yes, in your business as well. 

About Martin Stellar

"I help nice people sell more"

Martin is a coach and consultant for ethical selling & business growth, recognised by business leaders across the globe as the #1 authority on ethical selling.

An ex-monk and former copywriter, he works with purpose-driven coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs – people who are committed to doing good, impactful work – so that they earn more money, reach more people, and enjoy a fun and lucrative business.

To him, being in business is an art and an act of service – and his unique values-first approach enables ‘good-egg entrepreneurs’ – people who operate with integrity and ethics – to grow their business and still sleep at night.

He lives in Spain with a cat named Funky, a few guitars, a big smile, and an iPad on which he draws illustrations and cartoons.


The value you get from working with Martin is beyond what I can put in words

He is unique among business coaches: equally informed as an ex-monk, empath, and humanist, as well as an expert salesman.

His teachings resonate equally in my business and my personal life. Martin coached me to create and run system for my design and engineering studio.

Before, our monthly sales were weak and fluctuating.

After, within weeks, we achieved stable six-figure annualized income, plus a waitlist, with no stress and no hard-sell tactics. Now, we are working on how to handle excess business!

– Mehmet Baytaş

Just being on your programme* gives me piece of mind and overall reduces stress

For example, I’ve just come back from a conference and have a mountain of opportunities.

Usually, I’d feel overwhelmed and end up wasting them all.

But now, I just feel so calm, because I know I can rely on you to help with advice. And I’ll be in touch soon over the platform 🙂

~ Mitko Dimitrov

*Refers to SFC Personal: unlimited text-based support, which is included in your SFNP training programme.

Martin helped our co-working space get to full occupancy and $25.000 monthly revenue in less than a year

What’s even better, is that we did it without spending any extra money on advertising or marketing. 

Simply by getting very specific on who exactly is our ideal client, we were able to focus in on serving just that segment, and things grew so fast and stable, that we remodelled and opened up a second floor in the second year.

Without Martin’s help it would have been much harder, and it would have taken us much longer to get here. 

~ Antonio Herrezuelo, Avenida Capital

Beneficial results from the newsletter!

I’ve been subscribed to the newsletter only for 4 months, and I already feel the FOMO on all the previous information.

Martin has a unique way with words. The ability to say so much with so little speaks to the inherent complexity of simplicity, which he is master of.

Martin mentions many seemingly obvious and yet sometimes so profound and relatable ideas that you feel a need to go and execute those immediately.

And when you do, the beneficial results often make you wonder: “Why couldn’t I come up with those?”

~ Vladyslav Hrytsenko

Martin’s SFNP sales training is fantastic

It transformed how I approach my whole sales process as a coach and consultant with my Family Business clients, meaning very complex sales have become easier for me to handle.

In the past I would spend time having coffees and trying to trickle things into my sales pipeline, never really understanding how best to fill and maintain my pipeline.

These days I have no more endless coffees, I win more clients and more easily.

And, I win them at a higher price and even have clients on a waiting list, and I get more referrals too.

I fully endorse Martin’s sales programme for anyone serious about investing in winning more clients.

~ Mairi Mickel, Family Business Succession Expert

Martin > 6 therapy sessions

Seriously. If you want to get to the core of why your sales aren’t where they should be (hint: it’s not what you think), book a call with Martin.

~ Aleksej Lazanski

Helped us get our client to pay up

Martin helped us to orchestrate the final chords of a more than 1.5-year-long sonata called “Unpaid Debt by the Client”.

He helped us not only get paid but also stay in great relations with the client through effective and gentle communication. Thanks, Martin!

~ Oleksandr Furtak

Hi, I'm Martin!

It might be odd, coming from an ex-monk, but: I love business, entrepreneurship, and all things marketing & sales.

Especially given how much impact a savvy and ethical entrepreneur can have on society and individuals – and even more so if the coach, consultant, or entrepreneur aims to go against established norms and is bent on disrupting the broken status quo.

This is why my mission is to equip everyone with a good heart and a valuable offer with the tools, training and mindset that enables you to have an impact for the better.

2-Minute Thoughts

5 Core points you *have* to get right, if you want your business to grow

Want more sales? Then stop having so many conversations!

Build rapport? Lead with values…

Ready to have a conversation, and find out if the Sales for Nice People training is right for you?

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I help nice people sell more

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