You’ve Built It. They’ve Come. But for Some Reason, They’re Not Buying

Or: How to Get More Signups and Sales From Your Website Without Driving More Traffic

Sometimes, having an online business is tough. You do all you can to drive traffic to your site – and when they finally arrive, people leave without taking action.

For some reason, people just don’t convert into subscribers or buyers.

Why though? Your design is good, your copy is carefully crafted, your art is liked, and worth every penny – so what’s the problem, why don’t people bite?

The problem: Your site isn’t optimised for conversion

It’s real simple: If people don’t take the action you want them to take, it’s probably because you’re not asking them in the right way.

Within a few days of working his magic on my Coaching page it generated over $2000 from new clients. Not too shabby for an ex-monk living in a small town in Spain!
He is a wordsmith, skilled in the art of sales copy and marketing. Because really, what else would you learn at a monastery? ;-)

~ Sandi Amorim, Deva Coaching

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Like that story my friend sent the other day:

He took his little boy to a Christmas Carol service at his local church.

Not because he’s religious, but because the boy likes music.

The church folk, they did a major campaign to attract people.

Posters all over the place, announcements in the local press, even hand-delivered invitations.

Which is a great strategy: it got my friend to show up, and he’s one of the most unlikely suspects.

But then when he was there, they did nothing at all to try to make him come back.

No ‘we have a toddler’s group’, no ‘will you be at mass’, no ‘would you like to sign up to our newsletter?’.


They made all that effort, got people through the doors, and that was it.

In business terms that means they spent a whole bunch of time, and money on prints, and got zero return for it.

Quite a waste, I’d say.

You don’t want to be like that – you want people who visit you to take action

You’re doing yourself no favours if you bring people in and don’t give them a reason – and a question – to stay up to date.

Another example: A photographer without any signup form whatsoever

Susan Kopich has a series of funny and slightly dark family scenes.

I saw a tweet, clicked the link, and proceeded to laugh my head off. Loved those shots of her and her family.

Next, I looked for a signup form, because I want to see when she comes out with a new one.

Guess what: no way to subscribe to her site, nothing at all.

Which is an enormous waste!

People were going wild on social media, sharing her photos and her site – but she had no way to retain any of those visitors.

(Obviously I flicked her an email asking if she was going to put one up, because I want to be updated).

And that’s the thing, you see: People who take an interest, they want to connect, stay updated, buy from you

But if you make it difficult (or even impossible), they won’t.

No optin form?

Page closed, visitor gone.

Tiny little purchase button?

No pulling power, sale lost.

Bland call to action?

No action taken.

That photographer, she could make one simple tweak: install an optin form in her sidebar, and invite folk to join her list.

That way she doesn’t have to rely on social media or (worse) people’s memory.

Each time she has a new pic, or a new offer, or simply something to say, she can just send an email.

That way she’ll build relationship, and hey guess what: she’ll get sales, too. Which is kinda the point of having a business website to begin with.

So if you’re seeing traffic but no conversion, if people don’t subscribe or buy, then the problem is most likely that your site just isn’t optimised for conversion.

I can help with that

Last year I ran a special offer, creating conversion optimisation reports.

Today, I’m bringing it back.

Martin is a great business coach and mentor. I highly recommend any freelancer or small business owner to invest in getting a slice of Martin’s time.

~ Inge de Bleecker, OutRiderUX.com

Fix your site and turn visitors into subscribers and buyers with a

Custom Conversion Optimisation Report

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Let me explain how it works:

You send me the link to your website, I get analytical on it and then I create a custom report specifically for fixing your site.

Meaning that for each page on your website, I’ll give you a list of simple yet highly effective changes you need to make.

Anything that I see where your site fails to convert people, I’ll tell you how to fix it.

The great thing is that most of those tips are small tweaks: in some cases you can use plugins, sometimes it’s a matter of changing some simple CSS – but you won’t have to get a whole new site.

It deals with everything that makes or breaks a conversion:

•    Font type and size
•    Placement of links, optin forms and calls to action
•    Strategic use of colours
•    Navigation structure and landing page design

And much, much more.

Anything I see that breaks conversion, you’ll see instructions in the report on how to change it.

Sounds good?

Custom Conversion Optimisation Report

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Martin’s work on our landing page resulted in a conversion rate of 30-35% which is frankly unheard of! We can’t recommend Martin highly enough.

~ Chris Poulter, Choice Mobile Mechanics

Custom Conversion Optimisation Report

Turnaround time: 7 days

Only $125

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