A great coach that comes to mind for me is one of my new favorites, “the Monk for Entrepreneurs” named Martin Stellar.  I had an amazing session with him last month and he’s my favorite monk in the world.  Tell him I said that; he will be surprised that I wrote about him.

~Maria Brophy

Martin Stellar works magic. He’s a facilitator of change. Using wit and incredible insight, Martin helped me figure out who I am, where I wanted to go in life and how to get there.

And taking that insight, Martin created The Cabal. A group of like-minded creatives who meet weekly online and support each other. No drama. No masks. Open and honest and deep connections. All of the people in The Cabal have become my greatest supports and my dearest friends. The fact that Martin hand-picked each of us, a group that has gelled so tightly, is further testament to his magic.

Members of The Cabal are entitled to extra, weekly, one on one sessions with Martin at a reduced rate. These sessions, having Martin at my back, have proven to be the best investment I’ve ever made. Life changing. Purpose changing. Even world changing. I like who I am now and I know where I’m going.

~ Paula Mould

@martinstellar I’ve just sold two paintings out of four direct to my mailing list. Your advice is awesome!  #art #artist #mentoring

~ http://amyjobes.com/

All you artists out there; don’t invent the wheel all by ye self… Get some @martinstellar to go! It did miracles for me !

~ Anook, anookcleonne.nl

I mean it @martinstellar – your daily emails have become my new ‘Seth Godins’

~ Cat Rose, theCreativeIntrovert.com

I so look forward to these weekly calls, Martin.

They’re so very helpful.

You’re our secret weapon.

~ Richard Hall, richardhallfineart.com

Martin Stellar has transformed my business.

With wit, intelligence and constructive honesty, Martin has helped my business  grow from “wanna be” to professional  artist.
It shows on my site and it’s reflected in my art.

Sending Martin that first email, reaching out for advice, was the best move I’ve ever made.

~ Paula Mould – paulamould.com

“Thanks Martin, your awesome! your my Zig Ziglar!

~ Perry Blacksmith

You all need to experience what Martin has to offer.

~ Emma Plunkett, emmaplunkett.tv

Be a professional – don’t mess around all alone. Walk with Martin for a while!

~ Anook Cleonne, creator of The Blue Hour – HetBlauweUur.nu

I actually had a problem: I was feeling overwhelmed.

But while listening to your seminar I learnt the few areas where I need to put my effort and that helped so much.

I understood the idea of strategy and tactics and I now have a more refined strategy.

I’m also glad that you talked about doing marketing that you find fun. FaceBook is such a time waster.

Now, I have the idea of putting my efforts into you tube art demo videos.

Final word: Many thanks for the video seminar, really enjoyed it and got a lot from it.

~ Gareth Naylor, Watercolour artist, garethnaylor.net


Martin can help you make the changes you need to make to reach your most authentic goals. As a writing coach he is direct while also being gracious.

His ideas are visionary, with a practical approach. He will challenge you in a positive, transformative way.

The writing mentorship program has helped me become a faster writer and develop a writing style that “listens.” Writing quickly in a way that feels relaxed, conversational, and inviting helps me connect with people. It’s an asset in every aspect of my work.

He has helped me in a positive, transformative way. Writing used to be slow and painful, but now it’s more fun and playful. The skills I’ve learned are invaluable for connecting with people.

~ LH, Photographer


While Martin’s sales copy is what blew me away initially, his talents as a business coach and mentor deserve similar accolades.

Before I met Martin, I had very little idea of how to run my freelance business. Not only did Martin have tons of useful advice and insight, he also broke down the overwhelming parts into manageable steps.

I now feel more confident than ever about my business proposition and value. Martin got me started on writing blog entries, and I have a plan in place to communicate with my customers over the next year.

Martin is a great business coach and mentor. I highly recommend any freelancer or small business owner to invest in getting a slice of Martin’s time.

~ Inge de Bleecker, OutRiderUX.com


It’s time to catch up on my gratitudes. You’ve been sending out very impressive ideas lately, moreso than even the usual.

I sat down with a highlighter to read LEAP #1, but I soon saw how pointless that was, for almost every page was filled with the yellow lines.

Thank you for LEAP #1. I have just printed it and cannot wait to get started. Thanks for being in my life.

~ Joanna Ralston – wraggsart.blogspot.com


You packed an awful lot of great advice into those pages Martin. I find it difficult meeting new people but your newsletter made me want to load all my paintings in the car and go door-to-door selling them.

Talking to new people about my art is not easy, but I am understanding its necessity more and that makes it easier.

Its great to see it all laid out in cohesive document that I can easily reference when I need that much needed inspiration to keep going. Lots of great gems in there.

~ Jimmy Kelly, Dublin


I was hesitant to do the Leap course. Part of me believed that I could do all this online business stuff by myself. And although theoretically true, in practice that wasn’t happening – even though I am a passionate artist and want to turn my passion into a full-time business!

What surprised me about Martin’s newsletter is how it leads to things getting done, you look back and realize how much you have done. And the fundamental changes in your perspective on selling.

The best thing, though, is the chance to ask Martin questions. This has been so helpful. It’s [almost, Ed.] like having a mentor and personally I believe you really need one.

I can’t believe that I am now enjoying the business side, enjoying writing newsletters to my list which is beginning to slowly increase in number, enjoying the connection with people who like my work and enjoying getting all those practical things done which make it possible to sell your work online.
I have now received my third newsletter and am looking forward to number four.

~ Gareth Naylor, Japan

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