I Can't Help Myself – You Gotta See This

Most copywriters are more than happy to write a page for you and get paid for it.

Problem is, a page of copy is only part of the equation. There’s a lot that goes into the mix: SEO, strategy, funnels, traffic, followup, offer and price – that sort of thing.

That’s why I think – arrogantly, perhaps – that I’m not a bad choice if you want to grow your business, because I happen to be kind of good at that stuff.

As evidenced by the following testimonial that I received yesterday:

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When You Should Not Hire a Copywriter

Lots of people – a scary amount, in fact – start looking for a copywriter when everything else is ready.

New site design is pretty much done, adword campaign ready to launch, product ready to sell – oh yeah, we still need some copy.

When requests like that reach me, I usually flat-out turn them down.

Not because I’m haughty, but because it shows a fundamental flaw in thinking on the part of those people.

Think about it: The copywriter is the guy in your marketing mix who knows best who your clients are.

He’s the guy who will get so dang familiar with your demographic that he’ll practically be your customer.

Your copywriter will research your market so profoundly, he’ll end up knowing more about your buyers than you do.

So ask yourself: If you want to sell lots and have a healthy business, wouldn’t you want that guy to be with you every step of the way, right from the start?

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How to Use Science Friction to Increase Sales. And Email, Too

I read a fascinating article last year, just found back the link.

Here’s the deal: Have you ever wondered why sometimes an object like a sofa or a cupboard seems impossible to move?

When you clearly remember that last year when you put it there, you were perfectly able to shift the object without much trouble?

Things don’t get heavier by themselves, in this universe, so what’s the deal?

How come a piano that last year you could pull away from the wall, now seems glued to the floor?

In a way, because it is glued to the floor.

Science says so.

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The One Profession That Does Well No Matter What, and How You Can Benefit From It


It’s common knowledge in the world of marketing and sales that the last guy who needs to worry about his job is…

… the salesman.

The theory goes that there will always be a need for people who can sell something for others.

Makes sense, too.

And, it’s true.

Salespeople generally continue to do well, regardless of what an economy or an industry is doing.

For me, that’s good news: I’m a copywriter, which is just another word for ‘written-word salesman’.

But if you’re not ‘in sales’ – if you’re a coder, designer, artist, artisan, novelist or anything other than sales person – what do you do when sales are low?

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I Just Turned Down a $10,000 Gig

Because that is, apparently, how I roll.

Honestly, some days I don’t know how I manage to survive.

It was a great gig too.

A guy in the USA, a doctor and nutritionist.

Is featured on TV, has written a few New York Times Bestsellers.

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Tell Me If You've Heard This One: I Used to Be a Tailor

Not the kind that shortens trousers for your dry cleaner, either.

I’m what is called a bespoke tailor.

That means I used to create fully handmade suits, entirely made to individual measurements.

I used to be pretty good at it too: People used to call me an artist, and said things like ‘magnificent’ and ‘most comfortable ever’.

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The Most Dangerous Thing, the Biggest Threat to Your Business…

…is you.

This takes us all the way back to the very basics of being in business: it’s never about you.

It’s about your buyer, and how well their problem will be solved after they buy from you.

And yet, the majority of websites don’t take this approach in their messaging.

That’s a big problem, because unless you talk to your customer about them, your offer isn’t going to interest them much.

Here’s what most site copy looks like:

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Quick Tip to Get More Sales Between Now and December

I know it’s early in the year, but you need to know this.

While researching the other day, I came across a very interesting fact: The majority of Christmas spending happens in October and November.

Now, you could argue that it’s too early, but I’m telling you: Within two weeks from today, there is going to be a lot of money changing hands.

Provided you have something on offer that makes a good present, and you act quick, some of that money could be yours.

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Get Rid of That Search Form Already

Today it’s going to be a real short one.

There’s one mistake I see a lot, and it’s real bad for business.

I’m talking about the search box that many people have on their site.

Usually in the top right corner somewhere.

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How Not to Write an Article or Blog Post

Sauntered over to Twitter just now.

Saw a link by someone who usually shares good stuff, so I clicked.

Landed on a blog post.

It opened thusly:

“It’s like this, you see”.

Now, I’m all for conversational writing.

I commend personal style.

But if you’re going to write something, do it in a way that makes people actually read the stuff.


How do you get people to read you?

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