When People Ask Me What I Do: Strawberries

Sometimes when people ask me what I do, it can be hard to explain.

Because the process of coaching is easy to describe, but what that does for you is highly personal for everyone, and often impossible to put into words.

I ask questions.

I listen deeply.

I serve you as powerfully as I can.

Nice, no?

But what does that DO?

For some people, the effect is that they get to terms with fear, and develop momentum despite of it – or because of it, depending on the person.

For others, the effect is deeper self-awareness, and an eagerness to drop negative self-talk.

Other people benefit from coaching because they now see potential and opportunity, where previously they only saw obstacles and objections.

Different vibes for different tribes.

So the question “What does Martin do” has no answers, or it has a million answers.

My favourite: I play.

But that doesn’t say anything either.

So perhaps the best description is: I help people create deep, inner, lasting change.

And even that doesn’t say anything.

But! There’s an easy way to find out what I do.

Because here’s the thing: you can’t explain coaching any more than you can explain what a strawberry tastes like.

Um… sweet, slightly tangy, juicy and with little seeds… got it?

Of course not. You’ll need to eat the thing in order to really get it.

So if you’ve wondered what coaching is like…

Here, look: a strawberry. Bite down and enjoy…

Or in the words of coaching:

Here look, a questionnaire: https://martin283.typeform.com/to/v7Dsh8

Answer the questions and I’ll give you a no-cost strategy session.



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