Yes. Your Story Also Deserves to Be Told

A reader wrote in, after reading my article about the lady in the UK who stopped waxing and feeling depressed, and who now sports her beard with pride.

In her words: If you’ve got it, rock it.

Says my reader: this lady has an interesting story to tell.

And yes, that’s true.

But don’t ever let stories like that stop you from telling your own.

The fact that there’s a blind painter in our world, and a paraplegic mountaineer, etc etc etc is no reason to not tell your story.

Becaues it’s not about how big or impressive your story is.

This was my reply:


Good point, but I’d like to quote the guys at the Content Marketing Institute:

We all have a story to tell – tell it well.

And that really is all there is to it. Because what matters is not how big the story is, or rare, or filled with past or current hardships: it’s about telling any story in such a way that it connects with another person.

And however humble the story: there will always be people who are just waiting for that story to show up and change something in them.


It’s not about the type of story: it’s about impact.

And even if your story is simple or humble,  your telling it might just be the kick in the pants that somebody else needs.

It’s never about the kind or size or type of story: it’s about finding the person or persons who will resonate with it.

And just like the truth: they’re out there.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to find them.

And I can help you do that, if you want.

Just reach out, and we’ll talk.



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