Guess the Quote: Everyone is Always Selling Something

  Who do you think might have said that? You’d expect someone from the business world, right? A marketer or maybe a coach. An author. But you’d be wrong. This little nugget came to us through Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island. And, there’s a lot of truth in it. Actually, it’s a fact […]

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Weekly Free Copy Review, Starting Today. Check it Out, Submit Your Copy

The other day I asked my readers to submit their copy for a free review. Got some interesting reactions, and I think it’s something I should do weekly. So if you want me to review your copy, just hit reply and tell me the link where I can see it. I’ll only do one each […]

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Sales and Psychology: We're All Automatons. Plus, Don't Bark at Your Customers

Saw a fantastic piece of automatic psychology happen the other day. It reminded me of how easy it is to persuade people. You push a button, you get a reaction. You tell someone a certain thing; they react in a predictable way. It’s part of our ancient lizard brain, the part that reacts instinctively, before […]

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Traffic, Visitor Retention and Your Site's First Purpose

Lately I’m reading a lot about usability and user experience. After all ‘To the user, the user experience IS the product’. (Never forget that!) Now, we all know that the primary purpose of a website is lead generation and that building your email list is task #1. But apparently, tons of people either aren’t aware […]

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You Too Can Get Lots of Sales, Despite the Recession. Here's How

I have a pretty odd collection of friends. One of them is Dick (his real name – it’s short for Richard). Dick is a real estate agent in England. Now, we all know the terrible reputation that most real estate agents have. Dick is different though, as you’ll see in a minute. He doesn’t have […]

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Of Course You Wouldn't Say "I Wrote a Newspaper"

So then why do so many people say ‘I wrote a blog’? It makes no sense – and what’s worse, incorrect usage of words is devastating for your sales. I’m a wordguy. I just love languages, especially English. And as you would expect, I’m a bit of a puritan. Still, language is a living thing, […]

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5 Simple Copywriting Principles That Help You Land Your Ideal Customer

People like to make a big spiel out of copywriting. Truth is, it ain’t all that hard. What’s hard is figuring out why people want what you do, make or sell. That goes back to that old fave of mine: psychology. In other words: you need to know who your customer is. You need to […]

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Cialdini, Marketing, Persuasion and… the Strange Power of Belief?

Last week I mentioned the new fad: touting psychology as a new thing in sales and marketing.

In reality, there is quite some research available – mostly not online but in print instead.

One of the most famous books on the topic is Robert Cialdini’s Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion (recommended read!).

In one section, he describes how our psyche works when we believe things.

Specifically, how we can be persuaded to perform specific actions, if only we believe that those actions are natural for us.

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Fish Net Stocking Biker Suits???

I crack open a beer as my friend Jan pulls up on his motorbike. It’s high summer in Holland – a dry and sweltering 35 degrees Celsius –  and I’m sitting in the shade behind my house. Been looking forward to see Jan, it’s been months. He steps off the bike and the first thing […]

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I Wrote a Guest Post – Especially Relevant for Creatives, Artists, Writers, Artisans, etc

Just a quick note here: Today I had two guest posts go live. If you’ve not read them yet, you can find them here and here. Aimed at creatives, but applicable to any solopreneur, freelancer or really anyone who is in business in order to make a difference. Like them? Do please share… Want a […]

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