Is Your Website Getting Traffic, but You’re Not Seeing Enough Sales?

Get Your Website Copy Fixed to High Conversion by a Professional Copywriter

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re getting traffic to your website, but nobody takes action. Your landing page gets seen by tons of people, but very few people sign up.

Your salespage? Cash register says “no sale”.

How come your bounce rates are higher than a skippy ball?

Here’s why: Your copy doesn’t engage, inspire, and motivate. For people to sign up, or to buy from you, they need to feel that you really get them. That you know their pains, that you understand what keeps them up at night.

I can help.

Within a few days of working his magic on my Coaching page it generated over $2000 from new clients. Not too shabby for an ex-monk living in a small town in Spain!

He is a wordsmith, skilled in the art of sales copy and marketing. Because really, what else would you learn at a monastery?

~ Sandi Amorim, Deva Coaching

 Only $149 (per 500 words)

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Engaging and persuasive copy is a must if you want to turn visitors into subscribers or buyers

Copywriters and marketing experts know: trust, messaging and persuasion are the key to unlocking more sales.

Because for someone to part with money, they need to know you, like you, and trust you.

And for that, your copy has to make them go “Dude, it’s like she’s inside my head”.

They need to feel that the solution you offer is right for them, that you fully get their struggle and their problem.

That you can be trusted to deliver, that you’re one of the good guys or gals.

That while your rates might be high, it’s for a good reason: the quality is there.

So how do you communicate that?

How do you get that message across in a way that’s ethical, not pushy, and that gets you the sale?

It’s hard enough to write a blog post – how on earth does one write a salespage that converts?

The answer is: you get a professional copywriter to do it for yo.

But, that can be pretty costly, especially if you’re going to hire a good one.

And not everyone can afford $500 or $1000 for a page of copy.

Sure it’s an investment that pays itself back, but you do need to have the cash to invest.

In the past, people used too come to me for all kinds of copywriting services, but always with one ultimate goal: more sales.

They still ask me, but alas: I no longer take client jobs.

However, I do offer a copy-fix service, where you get these big strong hands to massage your copy, and make it convert visitors into subscribers, and subscribers into buyers.


Martin’s bite-size pearls of copywriting wisdom are nuggets of gold!

~ Colin Beveridge, Author of Basic Maths For Dummies


 Only $149 (per 500 words)

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It’s a simple process:

1. You click the button below and complete checkout.

2. You send me the URL of your page, or send me a doc with the copy included

3. Within 7 days you receive the page back, fully optimised to capture subscribers or buyers, depending on the purpose of your page.


It’s simple, affordable, and it sure helps your business grow.

It means you can stop fretting over your statistics, and fix those bounce rates.

At only $149 per page (500 words max), you get me to transform your copy into a conversion machine that helps you grow your business.

What do you say – isn’t it time to start getting more sales out of your website visitors?


Martin is amazing to work with, he takes the time to really understand who we are, and crafts up great copy that converts well.

Thanks Martin for doing such a stellar Job!

~ Brandon K, ConsciousCommerce.ca


Only $149 per page (500 words max) to convert more of your visitors into subscribers or buyers


 Only $149 (per 500 words)

Order Your Copy Fix Now

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Please note: This offer is only valid for people who have actually written a salespage up to a more or less workable level. If you only have a few bullet points and you want them fully written out into a salespage, this offer isn’t for you.
The idea is to fix underperforming copy, not to write it brand new. Therefore I reserve the right to decline certain jobs, in which case I’ll notify you, and refund your payment.



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