Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical sales and business growth

Martin Stellar - Coach & Consultant for ethical business growth

Grow your revenue 20% without spending a penny extra on advertising or staff

Hang on a second, Martin...
You actually guarantee that I will grow my revenue by 20%?
Surely, you must be joking...

Not joking, I’m serious. Because:

I use a marketing implementation system called LEAP (Listen, Explain, Ask, Profit) – the consulting side of my business. 

It’s built on time-tested and proven marketing fundamentals, and they work. Always have.

If your business has the right assets in place and you have your head on straight, I might decide to take you on as a client, and I will either make your revenue grow by at least 20% or make you recoup your investment – and that IS a guarantee. ,

Let's put your marketing assets to use, and strap a turbo on your business

"But what if you don't manage to do that, Martin?"

Then I will continue working that system for you at no charge, until the guarantee is fulfilled. 

For me to make this promise however, your business does need to have the assets in place to leverage, so as to generate that result. 

That’s why step 1 in the process is an opportunity analysis, to discover whether or not that 20% growth is indeed attainable. 

The investment for this depends on the size of your operations, and generally runs between $12K and $40K, spread out over 4 monthly payments. 

That’s for a done-for-you option, but there’s also a done-with-you solution, where I coach you on how to implement all the steps in the system, with weekly 1-hour coaching sessions. 

(For the DWY option, the guarantee does not apply – but if you know how to learn and you’re able to spend time implementing the steps, you’re very likely to also reach that 20% growth. I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen.)

If 20% growth is worth that kind of investment to you, and you know you could gross more revenue but you’re not sure how or you’re too strapped for time to improve your marketing and sales, I can implement the system for you. Just send me an email and let’s have a look at the potential and possibilities.

We’ll take 20 minutes on Zoom, where I’ll ask a few questions about which marketing assets we can work with, and if we both feel there’s a good fit, we can discuss how to proceed. is

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