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I know, I know: when you hear the word marketing, you probably think of dodgy used car vendors, or those pesky telemarketers who call at the worst of times.

In reality though, when you do your marketing right, you don’t need to bother people and you certainly don’t need to connive or cheat.

Think of it like this: Marketing is what you do when you can’t go see someone in person.

And selling is nothing more than getting paid for something another person wants to own.

But as a professional artist, you probably know full well that marketing and selling your art can be difficult to get right

Should you go only with galleries? Can you use the internet to find buyers?

Do you need your own site, and what about social media – does that help to grow your audience and sell more of your work?

The answers to these questions, you’ll receive if you watch my masterclass.

During this 2,5-hour seminar, you’ll learn exactly which strategies and tools you can use in order to become more visible, to grow your audience, to build a fanbase of ambassadors, and ultimately to sell more of your work at better prices.

If you’ve ever wondered why other artists have a great career but you seem to be struggling, this workshop will elevate your business acuity to a higher level.

The topics we’ll cover:

  • The structure and setup of a healthy, prosperous art business
  • How to use social media effectively and avoid wasting time
  • The massive importance of building a list of contacts – your core audience – so that you’ll always have people show up to exhibitions, open studio events or shows
  • Specific strategies and tactics for growing your list fast
  • How to create marketing messages that people LOVE to receive and thank you for (and causes them to buy or show up at your shows)
  • The hero’s journey: how to tell your story without coming across as self-absorbed
  • Why it’s so important to give people a ‘look inside your kitchen’ and how to do exactly that (you might not think so, but people love learning how and why you make your art)
  • How to make marketing and selling you art a fun, social, and utterly enjoyable effort (you won’t believe how thrilling it is when people get in touch simply to tell you they appreciate you, your work and your marketing missives)
  • How to set the kind of price your art is worth – and how to communicate in such a way that people will happily pay those prices

And if that doesn’t convince you, these are the 9 modules we’ll cover:

    1.    The importance, ethics and fundaments of marketing

    2.    Making marketing fun and easy: The L.E.A.P. Art Marketing System Explained

    3.    A healthy business: audience, sales funnels, and building a list

    4.    Staying sane: habits, routines, and studio time vs business work

    5.    Your mindset and the hero’s journey

    6.    The importance of writing or other kinds of content creation

    7.    Beliefs, perception, opportunities and creating luck

    8.    Strategy vs tactics

    9.    Putting it all together: how to quickly build a plan, test it, and keep improving it over time

You all need to experience what Martin has to offer.

~ Emma Plunkett, emmaplunkett.tv

This seminar is a 2,5 -hour intensive art marketing crash-course, and it will radically transform the way you look at, and deal with, your art business.


Be a professional – don’t mess around all alone. Walk with Martin for a while!

~ Anook Cleonne, creator of The Blue Hour – http://HetBlauweUur.nu

2,5 Hour LEAP Art Marketing Masterclass

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