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Learn how to run your life and business with effortless mastery...

without having to spend 12 years in a monastery

In this webinar, I’ll explain a simple framework, designed to help you shift your perception, so as to create flow and a sense of control, in life and business.

This ​framework is the result of 25 years of studying psychology (including 12 years in a monastery), and if you pay close attention, it will give you an upgrade to your mind and your self.

​I gave my long-time client and friend Paula Mould (who reinvented her life from the ground up using the CRD method) a preview of the webinar a while ago, and she ​had this to say:

​"You know, I'm not afraid of doing the work. Of making the changes. But I found myself hesitating right on the cusp of leaving my marriage, moving out on my own and becoming a single parent. 
Afraid and stuck, unable to move forward and seeing no way out.
​Martin's CRD webinar cleared the path for me, showing me that reality, perception, isn't what we think it is. That we have more power than we ever realise. 
And I'm writing this right now from my own home, joyfully living as a single parent, about to release my first book.
​Massive action can only start from inside our heads. ​
CRD is mind bending. Reality changing. 
I highly recommend the Calibrate Reality Dojo if you're ready to see clearly and take massive action." 
~ Paula,

And that’s what it’s designed to do: change you, in a very good way.

After this webinar, you’ll have the mindset, framework, and the tools to think and decide in such a way that you actually get the results in life and business that you want.

​The webinar will be a live presentation with Q&A, on October 25th, at 7PM CEST / 1PM EDT


​See you in the Calibrate Reality Dojo!

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