The Cabal:

A Powerful Team that Helps Ambitious Action-Takers Create Success...

Here’s the thing:

I want more people to benefit from coaching because I know from experience what massive impact it has on one’s life, and let’s not forget on business results.

After all, we all want to grow our business…

…reach more people, build a larger audience…

…sell more of our work, and at higher prices…

…create a business that doesn’t just pay the bills, but allows us to save for rainy days, allows us to invest, and take time off (because we all deserve that).

And, coaching is a fantastic way to work towards those kinds of results.

Because coaching is all about change.

And the best place to start creating change?

On the inside.

Which is why, when people ask what I do, my answer is:

We work on the inside, to get your work out there

And that is why I’ve created a group coaching program – one which makes it financially far more accessible to get my help, compared to my more intensive 1 on 1 coaching programs.

20 years of learning psychology, a decade of being in business, starting 3 different companies, becoming an expert at marketing and sales and communication…

Not to blow my own horn, but there’s a lot of benefit to be had when we work together.

Which is why I have created:

The Cabal

The what now?


the artifices and intrigues of a group of persons secretly united in a plot (as to overturn a government); also: a group engaged in such artifices and intrigues (Merriam Webster)

Obviously, we’re not going to overthrow any governments – but we will work together: to get your work out there, seen, and sold.

The Cabal is a small and intimate group of motivated, ambitious action takers

Membership is by invitation and interview only – because complainers and finger-pointers have little chance to create success.

Which is why I want The Cabal to consist exclusively of people who are eager to change, learn and grow. And most importantly: people who are willing to take massive action.

Cabal members hold each other accountable, and each will accept the same from the others. Members help one another, ask for help, and we come willing to receive it.

Members of The Cabal are willing to be called out on any limiting beliefs or BS-stories they tell themselves, so as to remove obstacles and create momentum.

The group is deliberately small: only 8 members can be part of it at any one time.

By showing up and working on themselves and their business, Cabal members will achieve:

•    personal growth and evolution
•    confidence and acuity in business abilities
•    ever-growing skills in marketing, communication and sales
•    a growing audience and fanbase
•    more sales
•    at higher prices
•    And ultimately? A healthier, more prosperous business

How The Cabal works:

– We have one weekly 2-hour coaching call, during US morning hours. Part of the call will be me doing 1 on 1 coaching in front of the group, and the second part is group coaching.

(Are you based in the Southern Hemisphere? Then don’t worry! I’m starting a second Cabal group that will work for your timezone).

Cabal members can ask questions, and I will also answer the questions you sent me by email during the week.

– We have a private Facebook group, where I’ll check in daily and reply to questions, but the forum will also serve as a place to benefit from each other’s experience and expertise, and where members give and receive accountability.

– In addition, you get unlimited email access to me, and I’ll answer your questions in our private group, visible only to Cabal members.

This group coaching program is an ongoing monthly subscription at $149 per month.

No refunds, but stay on as long as you like, and cancel any time.

Deep change takes time

And the Cabal will be here to support you through this process of change.

At the end of 6 or 12 months, you could see your life and your business radically transformed. Just as Paula did, with my help:

Martin Stellar has transformed my business.

With wit, intelligence and constructive honesty, Martin has helped my business  grow from “wanna be” to professional artist.

It shows on my site and it’s reflected in my art.

Sending Martin that first email, reaching out for advice, was the best move I’ve ever made.

~ Paula Mould – paulamould.com

I’m being very picky in finding out who will be a good fit, so currently there are still a two seats available.

One for you, perhaps?

Let’s find out: click the button below, answer a few questions, and then you and I will talk to see if The Cabal will be right for you – no expectation and no sales pitch from my side.


I guess you could say I hit rock bottom… I lost belief in my artistic work and myself.

I knew I couldn’t do it myself anymore and I needed help.

Feeling stuck was a normal state of mind…until I met Martin.

Martin Stellar is my coach.

In almost a year of working with him, I have unlearned some really bad habits and beliefs, which was and continues to be necessary to learn how and when to get out of my own way on this beautiful path of life.

~ Robbie Kaye – RobbieKaye.com




As I said, membership of The Cabal is by interview and invitation only – I want both of us to be 100% sure that this is the right vessel for the next phase of your journey.

Plus, I want to make sure we have the right blend of personalities and experience for a truly magical group.

If you are curious about joining me in an intimate, powerful movement, where we conspire to create change, success, and prosperity for all Cabal members, apply for membership by answering few questions:

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