To Zig or to Zag, That’s the Question

“I’m going to build my list without an optin incentive”, she says.

I look at my client, and ask:“Why did you choose that?”

Tells me: “I don’t like them. I have one and it’s not working for me. Besides, everyone has them – so I’m going to do what nobody else is doing”.

Now, this client has a practice of emailing her list daily, and her emails are good.

Worth it all by themselves, to sign up for.

And yet…

I’m all for zagging when everyone is zigging. It’s good to stand out from the crowd.

But, giving people something for free in return for joining your list is common practice for a reason: it works.

Sure you can grow your list with just the valuable emails you send out as an incentive.

But your list will grow faster if you also give something away, as a lead magnet or optin incentive.

Being different for the sake of being different isn’t a good idea, in my book.

Especially if the ‘different’ you choose implies you stop using a tool that is proven to work.

So if your optin incentive doesn’t work, don’t throw it out.

Instead, ask yourself why.

What are you missing?

Why don’t your visitors convert?

Don’t forget, there’s many a moving part in the whole sequence.

Are you attracting the right traffic?

Is the copy on your landing page engaging and persuasive?

Is your lead magnet the right kind for your audience?

Is your site design right?

And, very often forgotten: are you ‘asking for the sale’?

In this case, asking people to sign up?

I don’t know what my client’s final decision will be – but I sure hope she’ll ask herself the tough questions, and continue to offer a gift to her new subscribers.

Because throwing away a tool just because you don’t know how to use it never makes sense.

What does make sense however, is having a coach ask you the right questions, and suggesting different ways to look at issues, when you’re about to decide something that might hurt your business.

That’s what you want?

Well hit reply then, let’s talk.



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