So If You’re a Creator… Why Aren’t You Creating?

Had a fun skype conversation yesterday, with a coach named Jessica Serran.

Great gal, real smart too.

But where I’m the coach who talks about selling art, her work is focused on actually being creative.

Still, there’s a lot of overlap.

Especially considering something that she said to me:

“We create our art, and then we try to find a formula for getting it sold.

“We forget how creative we are”.

Words of wisdom from a chica in Prague… gotta love the internet.

It’s so very true:

Building our marketing, and becoming more visible and having more conversations…

It’s all exactly the same source creativity as making the art we make.

Sure, the thing you end up making (an art business that sustains itself) is different from making art.

But the motor you use is EXACTLY the same.

You can’t buy an art business, you can’t expect it to shape itself automatically around you and your art.

But you can CREATE it.

And since you’re an artist – one who makes things – you are a creator.

So, what about creating… an art business?

Of course I know it can be difficult.

But here’s one very useful thought to help you, based on just a few letters of difference:

CREATE instead of REACT.

Most of us, we make something beautiful, and then we wait until something happens, and then we react.

You’ll find that the more you act before reacting, the more you create instead of react, the more opportunities will present themselves.

Or to put it differently:

Once you stop being reactive and move into being creative when you’re outside of your studio, the more opportunities you’ll…

…Wait for it…


So, over to you:

What business or sales opportunities do you want to create today?



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