Your Own Personal Yoda

One day, a man named John decides that the time has come: he’s going to go skydiving.

Excited and a bit fearful, he calls up the local airfield and books a spot on a Cessna.

He marvels at the scenery as the plane climbs. The wind rushes by as he looks out the open doorway…

And he jumps.

Without a parachute.

But John has a plan. He’s prepared.

He starts to unroll the large bolt of silk cloth he brought with him, gets out his needle and thread, and calmly starts to construct himself a parachute.

I’m sure you can imagine how the story ends, and I’m sure that you, nor nobody you know, would ever do such a thing.

Except that, if you’re in business, you’re doing pretty much the exact same thing.

The only difference between John, and people like you and I (i.e. business owners) is that our plane flies really really really high.

So high, that we actually have enough time to construct the parachute.

But other than that, being in business is basically the same as jumping out of a plane and constructing the parachute whilst falling.

Even if you have experience, or a degree in business or marketing, even if you have funds to invest in qualified staff – you’re still subject to a process of development (personal as well practical) that has more moving parts than you can count.

A path for which there is no map, because your individual business experience has never before existed in history. At best, you’ll have roadsigns and milestones, but that’s about it.

And no matter how carefully you plan and plot your strategy and path, you know full well that reality will be considerably different from your plan.

If you are in business, you’re pretty much an explorer. Columbus, Edmund Hillary, Marco Polo, Neil Armstrong, Indiana Jones – take your pick.

You are, in effect, going to a place where nobody has gone before, and no matter how much you know or have experienced, you’re venturing into the unknown.

In my book, you are a hero.

Now, why am I saying this to you?

To make you feel good? To lavish an abstract compliment on you?

Not at all.

I’m saying this because the experience and path and growth that you will go through, is directly related to the self-image that you have.

If you consider yourself struggling, than that’s how your experience will shape, over and over again.

If you see yourself as constantly on the brink of failure, than you’ll have little fun, and you might actually end up ruining your chances.

But if you see yourself as brave, eager to learn, wary of risks and open to spot opportunities (i.e. see yourself as a hero), you’ll have a far more positive, fun, and successful experience.

Ah, but you’re still on the make, right? You’re not a hero yet?

Because you’ll not be a hero until you’ve made it?

Sure, no problem.

You’re still – like it or not – on the hero’s journey.

And adopting that attitude, and installing that self-image, will do wonders for you.

So let me ask you: is that how you see yourself?

Because if so, I would like to talk to you. I just might be able to help you.

In the words of Paula Mould: I can be your personal Yoda for a while.

Except I speak English the way most people do.

Anyway, let me know…



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