Your Most Powerful Tool is Also Your Most Dangerous Enemy

You, my friend, need to sell more “no”.

It’s the single most important word in business.

It’s your most potent tool and weapon.

It’s the only way to stay sane, in business.

It’s also the only way to actually make some money.


Well, I didn’t make it up.

Warren Buffet (who reportedly knows what he’s doing) is known to say no to 99% of the requests he gets.

“Hey, can you have a quick look at this design for me?”

No, you can’t.

“Can I pick your brain for a minute?”

Nope. You can pay me for my time if it’s important enough to you.

I know, I know.

We want to be liked, be helpful.

But when you’re helping someone else, you’re damaging your business.

And that’s a fact.

No matter how much you believe that giving away stuff will in the end result in making money.

It won’t.

When you see people give things for free and then get successful, you bet the free-ness is only part of the equation, and that on the backend they have a solid money making strategy in place.

It’s so easy to let people take a run with you, even if they don’t mean to.

Most of the time it’s not their fault – it’s ours.

We all want to be liked, but we’re not in the school playground any longer – we don’t need appreciation and likes.

You don’t need to be liked: you need to be successful, focused, and effective.

Any time someone asks free time of you, you’re hurting yourself.

And what will you have in return?

The satisfaction that there’s someone out there who likes you.

Question for you: Can you eat ‘being liked’?

Can you pay the bills with appreciation?

Good. Glad you understand.

Then there’s the flip side:

You tell *yourself* ‘no’ far too often.

Last night, a friend: “But I can’t!”

Nope, not if you say you can’t.

Whether you say you can, or say you can’t – you’re absolutely 100% right.

Try it.

Joel Weldon: “Success comes in cans, not in cannots”.

Wise words, take ‘em to heart.

Say more no to others, and stop saying it to yourself.

You can, much more than you can possibly imagine.

And you’ll never find out exactly the magnitude I’m talking about, until you stop saying you can’t.

You can.

Do it.

Rickety segueway into a sales pitch:

You can get sales, more than you can handle, if you just write an email a day.

And yes, you can.

You can find ideas, you can get the write speed, you can build the relationships and you definitely can grow your business.

I want to help you, and I know I can.

It’s not cheap, it’s hard work, I’ll bring out my whacking cane – but it works.

Here’s how —>



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