Your Moral and Ethical Duty to Promote, Market, and Sell

John is a patissier, a luxury baker.

His works are true masterpieces: the highest quality ingredients, extremely meticulous preparation, and he designs his cakes to be proper works of art.

John is crap at selling though.

He considers word of mouth to be the best possible promotion, and one of his favourite statements is: “Quality sells itself”.

And yet, John has a hard time getting his cakes sold.

A few streets down the block lives Mary – not exactly a patissier, but she makes delicious and quite attractive cakes.

And she sells the living daylights out of them, much to the dismay of John, whose cakes are much better.

But Mary is a sharp cookie, and she got herself over the ‘marketing is dirty’ mindfuck years ago.

She’s tough, pro-active, persuasive, not shy, and she shows up everywhere: ads, blogs, social media, local events, fundraisers – if you say ‘cake’ in that town, the answer is ‘Mary’.

Even though John’s cakes are healthier, tastier and prettier.

See where I’m going with this?

If you make something truly good and useful, if you provide something that really solves problems – you MUST promote that stuff.

Because if you don’t, somebody else will be marketing their stuff harder and faster, and they’ll be selling more than you, regardless of the quality of their products or services.

And that means not only that you miss out on business: you’ll also be doing your prospects a massive disservice.

Because every time you do not promote yourself, somebody else will.

And the person who needs you will go to your inferior competitor instead.

If you have something of value on offer, something that really helps, then promoting it is your moral and ethical duty – if not to make the world a better place, than at the very least to make sure people don’t go elsewhere to buy inferior crap.

Now I’m going to put my soapbox back in the cupboard, and I’m going back to preparing LEAP #3, which will show you how to trigger existing desire in prospects before they themselves are even aware of those desires.

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