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That subject header?

Oh yeah, I’m boogying out to some deft 1970’s Funk as I write this.

Funkadelic, good stuff.


Anyway, let me ‘splain something about your business

Had another great call yesterday.

I gotta tell you – this listening stuff rocks.

A photographer in the U.S., who used to do lots of wedding photography.

Which is a rat-race if ever I saw one: Working evenings, watching wedding guests get drunker and less photogenic by the hour, demanding brides, insane mother-in-laws – I guess it’s a fun gig, but it sure is hard work.

No wonder she moved into commercial photography: more normal working hours, less stress, a different type of clientele and so on.


But for a truly creative person, having a client dictate what and how to shoot isn’t exactly the top level of artistic expression

So she’s been trying to start selling her own work – artful photos, the stuff she herself likes to make.

Obviously, that puts her into a tricky position: who is going to buy that stuff?

Not her wedding guests.

Not the commercial clients she has.

No, she’s got to figure out who those people are, where they congregate, what interests them – she needs to learn her people.

So when the question came “How do I sell that stuff?”, I basically told her: “You don’t”.

Like I explained in LEAP issue #1, most people get things in the wrong order: They ask, first-off “how to sell this?”.

But that ain’t gonna work, Slim.


It’s not ‘HOW’: It’s about WHO

Who’s going to buy that stuff. That’s what you gotta figure out first.

Only once you know that can you answer the question of how to sell it.

She’s incredibly lucky, in that she’s not under the tremendous strain most entrepreneurs have to deal with. In her situation, she can afford to spend time doing nothing but LISTENING.

Which as you know, is the first stage of my LEAP method.

Yesterday someone asked me if I implement the same system that I teach, and with that characteristically toothy smile of mine, I wholeheartedly replied: “Yes, sure do”.

In fact, I’ve done several free consulting calls with people this week – just so I could listen, and learn.

And I listened. And then listened some more. And then some.

The result? No sale, because I wasn’t going for sales.

But it did give me a far better understanding of what people actually need. I learned a lot (in addition to meeting some wonderful people – you guys truly rock).


If I don’t know what keeps you up at night – how could I possibly help?

I couldn’t, is how. That’s why I listen.

Simon Sinek says that business starts with ‘why’.

And I agree, but I also figure that people like you and I are beyond that point.

We know why we do what we do.

We just need to figure out who we do it for.

The more specific you get about your ‘who’, the easier and more profitably your business will become.

This is one of the reasons I’m always going on about writing daily emails: it forces you, every day, to ask yourself “who am I writing this for?”

Does wonders for the mind. Your mind.

And, your business.

Asking yourself, over and over and over again: “What can I write that will help, inform, inspire, engage – and persuade?”

It’s transformative, and I’ll even call it therapeutic. Because it is.

It’s also audience-building and sales-getting.


So if you want to build that audience, and get those sales?

Then you go here, sign up, and ship me your first draft ASAP –>

Within a few weeks, you’ll start to see a curiously satisfying shift happening in your thinking and in how people relate to you, just like what’s happening to the people I’ve been working with for the last few months.

But, you can get that with or without me. Sure I want clients, and I love the process of guiding people, and yes it’ll speed things up – but if you’re not in the position to invest money in your business, you can still find the time to invest.

And even if it’s only 30 minutes a day, that’ll pay off.

Take it from an ex-monk: consistent, repeated action builds into massive results, and faster than you expect.

Write. Do it. Really :)

The link again, in case you’re ready to invest in your business and take that sucker to the stage:






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