Your Biggest Enemy – I Suggest You Get Rid of That

It pains me to see how people limit themselves.

Point in case: There’s an ice-cream parlour on the beach and the owners aren’t getting enough business in.

Especially now that town hall has decided to install parking meters – people no longer pull up to grab a cone.

This morning I ran into the wife, and gave her an idea.

The same idea that I’ve given her husband four times already.

I tell her:

“A mother comes around the corner with her kids.

“It’s 200 steps from there to your premises.

“When they pass in front, the kids see ice-cream and they start asking for one.

‘Mummy mummy, can I have an ice-cream?’

‘No, we’re late, granny’s waiting on the terrace, and you’re wearing clean clothes. No ice-cream.’

“She laboriously drags the kids along – if she can just make the next corner, she’ll be in the clear.

“By the time they round that corner, mummy has won. No ice-cream.

“Now here’s what you do. You get a 4-foot tall cutout of an ice-cream cone, with three colourful balls of succulent ice on it.

“Nothing fancy – just a simple, flat, painted, wooden sign.

“The same mother comes around the corner with the same kids, and instantly they start dragging her along: “Mummy mummy, can we have ice-cream?”

“Long before they’re even in front of your shop.

“That goes on for 200 steps, and by the time they’re in front of your display, the kids have won and the mother succumbs.

‘Please don’t get any stains on your clothing’.

“That simple.

“You trigger the desire the very first moment they notice you, you get a sale”.

Guess the reaction I got: “Yes, but…”

I stopped listening.

There’s no solution for people who want to believe ‘can’t’.

Like they say: Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t – you’re right.

Think about that.

So that’s your own biggest enemy: the word ‘but’.

Look at your mind, the thoughts that come up automatically, the default reactions from your subconscience.

Observe that stuff, and you’ll start to notice that you yourself sabotage your own progress, with the stories you tell yourself.

Make it a game: Throughout the day, mark on a piece of paper the number of times you say ‘but’.

Tried it?

Scary stuff, isn’t it?

To think that while rationally you want to, believe you can, are ready for success – your subconscience is constantly telling you ‘but you’re not made for greatness and success’.

And you believe it, therefore you act like it, and so you’re constantly struggling.

The solution: change the way you think, change the stories you tell yourself.

Replace that negativity with something positive, and by and by you’ll see your attitude, your happiness, your results and your success and your sales, it’ll all improve.

Another thing: People like that, who argue there’s no money left, that people don’t spend, that clientele is in the next town over, that others have it better – they’re toxic to you.

Any time someone brings you down with their own worldview, stop them. Change the subject, talk about something fun.

Don’t let other people’s mental poison affect you – you’ve got enough trouble dealing with your own limitations, you don’t need those of other people as well.

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