Your Art, You, Marketing and Selling: Will It Blend?

There’s one way to sell art that people keep telling me is very effective:

On the street.

Which makes sense, but it also has some important drawbacks.

For one thing, location is incredibly important: choose the wrong street and all you get is passersby who can’t afford to pay good rates, or who don’t care much for the finer things in life.

And depending on where you live, that might mean it’s not an option for you.

Besides: my impression is that most if not all street-selling happens at rates that are too low.

Then there’s the fact that you’ll need skin as thick as that of an elephant.

If 1 in 100 people stop to look and 1 in 1000 buy, that wears on you like you wouldn’t believe.

Definitely not for everybody.

And, not all types of art are suited to taking to the streets.

Large canvasses, sculpture, installation art – you get the picture.

But it’s a fact that if you’re visible, you’re more likely to sell your work.

And on the street – well, you’re eminently visible there.

So what is the thing that makes it so effective, aside from being visible?

I think it’s one single thing: You.

Because don’t forget: if people buy a piece of art, they also buy a piece of the artist’s story.

They watch you, read your body language, get a feeling, exchange questions and ideas…

All that is part of the buying process.

And it’s much more important than you might imagine.

It gives them a story to take home, along with the painting.

“Hey, you got a new painting?”

“I do! I bought from this wonderfully funny/charming/intriguing artist on the street, last week!”

People love stories – hearing them, but also telling them.

And if you add yourself in the mix, you give people a story.

This is why blogs can be so effective for marketing – art or otherwise: it shows people who is behind the scenes.

And it’s why I don’t think galleries or sites like Etsy are especially useful.

It’s more impersonal that way, and that means people don’t connect with you on an emotional level as much as when they interact with you directly.

So, what if you can’t go and sell on the street?

If you want to command the prices that your work is worth?

Simple: Send emails.

I tell you, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s incredibly personal, and best of all?

Sending emails to people who are interested in you is free.

Oh, and let’s not forget: it creates a bond between you and the reader, which forges trust and gets them to like you.

So if you’re even half serious about selling your work, and if you’re willing to invest a little money and an hour a day, send emails.


And if you’re not sure how to go about it, I’ll show you with examples, template subject headers and detailed instructions how to do it, in the next issue of the LEAP Newsletter.

Next, go here –> and sign up before Sunday’s deadline.



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