You'll Never Think Yourself Into Different Behaviour

Curious how things tend to come full circle.

All my years in the monastery, I was taught that it doesn’t matter how much I want to change.

That I’ll never reach non-attachment by thinking about it.

That the mind isn’t where change begins.

That loving-kindness doesn’t spring forth from a decision to not be more patient.

Frustrating, let me tell you that.

This morning out on my morning walk, listening to a podcast, I heard a marketer say:

“You can’t think your way into different actions. You can only act your way into different thoughts”.

Which I wholeheartedly confirm.

For example: the fact that I decided to own the first hours of my day, to first read, then go for a walk with a podcast, and only then start working:

That’s made a massive difference in my thinking.

Practising that habit every single day is what gradually shaped my thoughts, my attitude and my focus – and as a consequence of that, my life has turned around.

No more stress, more productivity, higher resilience, and a more profound level of service to my customers.

While before, I was always chasing deadlines, always late, always running around like a headless chicken (another one of the curious quotes I inherited from the monastery).

Once I developed simple, smart habits, my inner state changed and so did my outer circumstances.

Anyway: if you’re not happy with where you’re at, stop trying to change things.

When your emotions aren’t positive, and tell your mind that your mind and your body should behave differently, you get one guaranteed outcome:


Sounds familiar, maybe?

Instead, start by taking care of yourself, every day.

Take care of Self in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way.

From that everything else follows.

You’ll read a lot more about how to do this in next month’s LEAP.

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