You Wouldn't Believe the Things I Send Myself Sometimes and Oh Yeah: Download My Free eBook

Sometimes when I’m on the road or at the beach and I get an idea for these daily emails, I send myself a quick email from my smartphone.

I was just going through my inbox to see which nuggets of straight-out genius I’ve been sending myself, and I found a piece that started:

“When I woke up I wasn’t wearing any underwear”.

The rest was a few lines of self-reflection that were meaningless and had no further relevance to my state of dress or undress such as it may have been.

It also has no relevance to business, or sales, or marketing, as far as I can tell.

Except that, maybe, it’s a good idea to keep your underwear on in business.

I mean, all that talk about dating being similar to sales is fun and useful, but it’s best to keep business and personal separated.

But you already know that.

Still, sales very much are like dating, and that’s why I put together a number of never before published articles, loosely themed around dating, making out, and getting it on with your customers.

Metaphorically speaking – I repeat: do NOT try to get anything going with business contacts. Just don’t.

Anyway, the articles together are an ebook that’s fully free to download right now.

It’s a fun yet useful way of looking at sales, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find some new ideas in there.

And if you like these emails I send, you know the ebook is going to be a good read.

So that’s the pitch for today.

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