You will Benefit, Even if You Think You Don’t Have the Time

It doesn’t happen every year, but every so often, I enter a phase of pretty intense, lasting euphoria and happiness.

It never lasts of course (as per the Sufi’s: this too shall pass), but while it’s there it’s pretty damn awesome.

And it’s something you can work towards for yourself as well.

Of course you might not have the very helpful 12 years in a monastery and decades of meditating behind you like I do, but I just realised that you do have something in reach that can instantly, dramatically, raise your level of well-being or even happiness.

See, there are things you do that you’re enormously good at.

Things that are in your zone of genius, your unique abilities, things where you just absolutely rock it when you do it.

These are what researchers call your ‘signature strengths’.

And you all know what happens when you get down & dirty, and you go full on into exercising those strengths:

It feels awesome!

Endorphins racing through your system, joy and flow, self-confidence and a sense of joy, a definite notion of being powerful…

How could you ever forget life can feel this good?

So here’s my invitation for you, to bring more well-being and happiness into your life:

Make a habit out of exercising your signature strengths, every day even if it’s only 20 minutes.

And yes, you can find 20 minutes a day for it, especially if you consider how much more focused, balanced, and productive it makes you during the rest of the day.

No matter how much there is on your todo list, no matter how much you tell yourself you just don’t have the time, you have 20 minutes a day.

How do I know?

I know because every one of us procrastinates by doing mindless or pointless things.

If you want the 20 minutes, just steal them back from Instagram, Facebook, or Netflix, or whatever your preferred way of procrastinating might be.

Go on, make yourself happier. You deserve it.



P.s: for attendees of the CRD webinar yesterday: I’m putting together a PDF with some of the journaling questions we discussed. Should be with you today or tomorrow.

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