You What?! No, I Don't Want to Have Your Baby

A few years ago I created a profile on a dating website.

I never spent much time on there, and I only ever met one woman through there.

Big mistake that was.

Lesson: never meet up with a girl who posts pictures on Facebook of herself drinking wine through a straw out of a cardboard box.

What a complete trainwreck she turned out to be.

But anyway.

A few months ago, an English chick in the area found my old profile on there, and sent me a message.

“Hi, you look nice, check out my profile and see if you want to be in touch”.

Nav’d over, had a read – and wow.

What a mind she had on her.

It was great: as if I’d written it myself, what a great sounding girl.

So we started writing messages back and fourth, and it seemed all was fine.

Obviously I’m in my celibate phase but hey: if you do meet someone really special, you shouldn’t be closed off either.

Should you? I don’t think so.

Then she said: “Only thing is, I’m pregnant, due to give birth in January”.

Can you picture me, all colour drained from my face, grin frozen into a ghoulish grimace?

So I wrote her back: “Sorry, but I’m not the guy for you”.

And then the true nature came out.

Started telling me that I should give her a chance.

That I shouldn’t be closed off.

That if someone shows up who might be special, I should at least meet her.

Which is all true (though by that time just her nagging persistence itself already told me to give a wide berth).

Besides: I decided – chose deliberately – to be single for a good long while.

I just might make an exception – maybe.

But if there’s a child involved in the picture?

That just really isn’t for me.

Especially if it’s not my child.

I was friendly of course – I didn’t want her to feel bad, so I tried to explain.

But she wouldn’t have any of it. On and on it went, that I was wrong in keeping my focus on the things that matter most to me at this stage.

That I was making a mistake.

In the end, she came out with the masterstroke: Told me that I sounded like a ‘troubled soul’.

I kinda laughed at that.

I’ve been called all kinds of things, but that was a first.

Besides, I’m doing quite well this year: focused, strong, happy – not a sign of trouble in ye olde Martin.

The moral of the story: (aside from the fact that there are some really weird people on dating sites)

(And that I deleted my profile)

Is this: what she wrote on her profile sounded terrific, but it was pure marketing and not the right kind: it spoke of all the good things, without saying anything about the downsides.

That, for example, she’s expecting.

Or that, by the looks of it, she has an obsessive tendency.

Why this matters to your business and your marketing?


You want people who read your copy to be thrilled, but also to know exactly what is and isn’t in the box.

And that can be tricky: lots of salescopy is too bland.

Other pages are too hyped up.

It’s a delicate balance between getting into the reader’s mind and being very clear about what they should expect.

I consider it a matter of ethics in marketing: to not misrepresent anything, yet make it absolutely clear to the right kind of customer that your work will thrill them.

Not sure how to do it?

Then let me fix your copy for ya –>



P.s. Later on today I’m sending you a Christmas present – but not only that: I’m giving your friends a present too. A very valuable present, I might add.

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