You Wayfarer, You

There’s a lot of bandying about changing the self, and mind, and mindset – and I talk about it as well.

But not because I think you must change or that there’s something wrong with you.

In fact, I don’t subscribe to the problem-thinking that says that there’s something wrong with us that needs fixing.

No, the point of talking about it, is that you can’t not change.

You inevitably grow, add knowledge, forget priorities, postpone goals, lose sight of friends… you change by nature of how individual evolution works. (At least, I hope your path is one of evolution, and not the opposite)

You leave behind the person you are now, and morph into a slightly (or majestically, depending) different version of yourself.

Remember that, whenever you feel that things aren’t working or you’re stuck in bad habits or when you doubt your abilities.

You’re changing at every and any moment.

So if you ever feel stuck or depressed or frustrating, just keep walking.

We’re all just wayfarers on the path of life anyway, moving from version a to b to c and so on.

If ‘me, today’, isn’t the version of you that you want to be, keep walking.

It’s the only way to leave behind the version that you are now.

Happy trails, my friend. Happy trails to you.



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