You-time, Toddlers, and the Future of Your Business

Been having a ball with these free consulting calls this week.

So wonderful to actually meet people, and learn what struggles and doubts and questions live in the worlds of others.

Like Ashley, yesterday.

She’s a very skilled writer, but hasn’t yet found the trick to landing great clients.

Some of her work comes by referral, and some is through job boards – which is a method infamous for bringing jobs that require little creativity at very low pay.

“But I have a toddler, I have to take care of him. I’m responsible. I can not screw this up.”

And so she takes another gig, underpaid – but it’ll pay another bill.

But, she’ll spend time working at sub-par rates – while being unable to prospect for better clients because she’s busy finishing off the crappy job just so she can pay the next bill.

It’s a rat race, this kinda thing.  And like I told her yesterday: It’s going to never end, not until she herself ends it.
Think about it: If you’re raising a child, what’s the number one thing you look out for?

Their safety.

After that?

Their happiness, followed by?

Their future.

You teach them the skills they know so that later in life, they’ll be happy, healthy, resilient, careful, creative, set for success…

You do the things you do to ensure a happy healthy future for your kid.


Of course.

Same with your business, but most people don’t realise that.

See, if you keep grabbing whatever little cash someone is willing to give you, just so you can pay the bills, you’re not building a future for your business.

It’s akin to stuffing a hamburger into your kid and saying ‘Yep, but he was fed, today.’

Nobody would think like that.

No sane person would do it.

Beautiful to see the lights go on in her eyes, too, when I explained it to her.

So I leapt right at her and said: “So the best thing I could possibly recommend is for you to reserve the very first 30 minutes of your day to work on the future of your business. Not paying bills, doing gigs, or prospecting for another low-end client – No, sit there and make that YOU-time. Spend 30 minutes every day on activities that will pay off not today, or this week, but in the long run.

“Keep that up for half a year or so, and you’ll see a massive shift in your work and in your mind as well.”

She smiled and said yes. I smiled and rejoiced.

There’s nothing like seeing a veil fall from someone’s eyes.

So with that I’m sending you into the weekend.

When you start your day, do your future self a favour. It’ll thank you and reward you profusely, later on.

Tricky stuff though, right? What do you do, that first 30 minutes? Write a daily email?

Never a bad idea.

But, before daily emails will work for you, you need certain things: a list, the ability to convert a prospect into a customer, a deep and thorough understanding of your customer’s needs, wants and fears, and so on.

So in your case, the trick might be to do list building every day, or traffic generation, or tweaking your salespage copy.

What you do is up to you – but do it. For your future.

And if you want to learn how to choose, what to do, and how to be sure that the activity you choose will actually contribute to a better business and more sales over time?

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