You, My Hero?

There’s an art to accepting life.

The fundamental uncertainty of each day, no matter how structured.

And if you’re an entrepreneur, the uncertainty is even bigger.

Whereas if you’re an employee, at the very least you have the ‘certainty’ of a paycheck (provided your job doesn’t disappear etc).

But as a business owner?

Anything can happen.

My dad went out of business despite being a highly respected and sought-after programmer. He did jobs for IBM back in the 70s, flew to the US to analyse the software that major banks used.

But at some point his biggest client went bankrupt and didn’t pay him, which caused him a debt with the Dutch tax man who refused to be lenient, and bam: dad’s bankrupt.

You just never know which of the many moving parts in your business may fail at some point.

And yet we assume that uncertainty, and we live with it every day.

Which to me makes the entrepreneur a hero of sorts.

Folks like us risk everything – we build a machine that depends on so many factors, where we’re only a cog in all of it, and we live with the risk that something beyond our control breaks or goes wrong.

We live with risk, every single day.

You, entrepreneur?

You, my hero.

Hey, and if you also happen to have a big ambition, and you’re working on (or are planning on) building something so big that it almost (or really) scares you?

Then I’d love to talk with you.

Nothing better than someone with a big ambition, because people who have the courage to build on a big dream are SO inspiring.

So let me know if you’d like to have a chat and tell me your idea…



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