You Might not Know it, But…

… you are a conductor.

And you spend your life playing – conducting – an unseen orchestra, which creates a strange kind of ‘music’ called ‘your life’.

The problem is, you can’t see the musicians, and you have no idea how well they’re picking up your cues.

Worse is, you don’t get to actually ‘hear’ the music until later – later today, or tomorrow, or later this year…

… the future is where the ‘music’ shows up, and all you can do is direct as best as can, hoping that in the end all your efforts at running your life (i.e. directing the orchestra) will play out sounding right.

Put differently:

Yes you’re an agent in life and it’s you who controls your direction, but in the end you don’t control life or how it reacts to your influence, just like you don’t control the people in your life, or how they react to you.

Which is awesome news, because now you are completely free from trying to change life or other people.

It’s not your job – and it’s impossible anyway!

What is your job, is to be the best damn director you can be, and learn how to improve as you evolve, whilst you observe the ‘music’ that comes back at you by way of feedback.

And all efforts aimed at changing the behaviour of others is completely wasted.

Sure helps relationships, when you stop trying.

And another benefit: it’ll free up SO MUCH of your time and energy!

The tricky bit though, is learning how to listen to life, how to perceive the signals and feedback hidden in the way you ‘hear’ your ‘music’.

If you have a plan and you meet resistance, does it mean you should drop it, or change it, postpone or double down?

If a relationship isn’t working, should you fix it or bail out?

If your team isn’t performing, is it them or is it the way you instruct them?

If your life isn’t developing the way you’d like it to, are there decisions or actions you could consider?

If your business is doing well, but you’re wondering when you’ll have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, what does that say about your values and the priorities you set?

This invisible orchestra, it’s a subtle and difficult thing to conduct, exactly because the results and the feedback take so long to show up.

But if you adopt some principles and attitudes, you’ll find it’s not very hard.

There’s an intentionality and focus in life, which is almost guaranteed to create ‘good music’, meaning: create flow and a sense of effortless control in life.

These dailies, as you might know, are an ongoing narrative of sharing the tips and tricks that I’ve discovered over the years, for you to experiment with as you see fit.

But if you’re ready to dive deeper and take your prowess at directing your life and business to another level, we probably ought to talk.

Like I’m fond of saying: let’s see if we can bring out the music in you.



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