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The March issue of LEAP is nearly ready – all that’s left is some tweaking and a spellcheck, and she’ll be off to the printer’s tomorrow.

Here’s just a snippet of what’s in it:

* The only wrong email you could ever send

* Why ‘experts’ who say email is dead are dead wrong

* Email marketing on steroids: a whole bunch of ways to repurpose your emails to get traffic and signups

* How to use text-based chat as a tool to become a REAL fast writer

* How and where to listen to your ideal buyers, and how that enables you to develop THE single most important skill in marketing

* The anatomy and core elements of emails that people love to read day after day

* Why unsubscribes are nothing to worry about but are actually good

* How to use storytelling and the ‘right in there’ principle to grab a reader’s attention the moment they open your email

* Examples of the most effective subject headers to get consistently high open rates

* Why and how to write calls to action people expect and click on

And that’s only a very small sampling.

The full 16 pages will give you a comprehensive insight into how to craft your emails so that people actually tell you: “Oy, no email
today?” when you skip a day.

And if you’re not sure the newsletter actually delivers on its promise, check this:

“I didn’t know what to expect with my first issue of LEAP; it truly was a leap to go from lurker to active LEAPer. The first issue was good.

It got me thinking. It got me moving.

But the real value of LEAP goes far beyond the newsletter; an active, intelligent, personal ear in Martin. He listens, answers emails and provides a kick as needed.

There are no easy miracle solutions but there are steps, there’s a rudder and someone to watch your back (if only to give you a hard shove when you slow down).

~ Paul Mould,”

Remember: when you join the LEAP program, you get direct email access to me, so you can ask me quick questions every day.

That way, you don’t have to go it alone, because you’ll have my help any time you need it.


Every new subscriber gets a completely free 30-minute consulting call on skype.

Because I’m not just here to run a business: My business is helping you sell more art.

And that is exactly why your subscription comes with help and extras.

Running an art business is hard enough, and so is marketing.

But with help, at least you won’t have to go it alone.


Are you serious about selling your art?

Do you enjoy these emails o’mine?

And you want to learn how to write them for yourself?

Then go here and sign up –>

Time’s running out though: Entry for the March issue closes at midnight tonight, and tomorrow she flies to the printer’s.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you on board, and to the skype call.



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