You Can’t Get There from Here, Because ‘There’ Doesn’t Exist

“There” is a moving target.

It’s a spectre, always changing.

Whatever goal you may have, or dreamlife you dream of, you can’t reach it.

“There” doesn’t even exist, not if you have your head on straight.

Oh sure, you can reach ‘sustainable business’ or ‘full time artist’ or ‘only A-grade clients’.

But then what?

That’s where it stops?

You’ve reached ‘there’, and that’s it? You’re done, complete, finished, ready to take up residence in a little house made of 6 planks?

Of course not.

Whatever ‘there’ is for you, it’s only a milestone.

It’s a marker.

By the time you get to ‘there’, you’ll have a new ‘there’ you’ll want to get to, and that repeats over and over.

The reason this matters?

Psychology, of course.

Because the goal you set, the ‘there’, is only real in your imagination, and as you work towards it, it changes.

Different variations, elements, configurations, until you inevitably end up at variation of what your initial goal was.

But if you doggedly keep your eye on the variation that you initially set out with, you’re sure to miss out on ideas, connections, opportunities and actions that get you to the best new version of ‘there’, faster.

Staring yourself blind at the exact definition of the goal means you close off your subconscious and your perception from perceiving options that might make everything easier or faster.

So instead of being rigid in what reaching that goal might look like, be agile.

Realise that as an endpoint, it doesn’t exist, and that as you work towards it, the goal will morph into something similar, but not exactly the same.

Instead of stubbornly struggling through lessons to learn, lean into the process of change, as you change, and as your path and goal change.

Things become a lot more effortless that way. And don’t we all want things to be more effortless?



Also published on Medium.

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